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Hi Guys,
I look after the survey department of a construction company that service the mining houses in South-Africa. I've worked on various mega projects around RSA and have gained a fairly good insight and understanding of the gears of civil industry. Now, to come to my point. I recently worked on 2 projects in New Zealand. I worked with a one man station and a labourer. I was requested to transfer the "survey skill" onto the individual that was working with me as a labourer. I saw this as a chellenge but I returned to RSA before much progress was made to strart up a new mega project. The trend I see is that more and more labourers are trained to obtain some "survey skill". These guys are placed in survey responsabilities on production and left to their own devices. Almost without exception the blunders will start rolling. Most of the active field surveyors looking after major construction works are qualified technicians with at least 3 year study after school with survey and civil majors and in my opinion this is where it should stay. What is the trend in other construction companies over the great devide. Have surveyors become second grade citizens in the skills market that any tom dick and charles can do our work or is it still a respected decipline.

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  • dnt be bothered by these bro, too much of these people working here in KSA started as laborer ending as manager, surveying is a discipline, no doubt about it. 'never worried about them give them another model of the instrument or let them adjust a simple traverse or simple adjustment of any outleveled instrument "and they will shy away".
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