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Questions for New Surveyors to the FieldI sometimes give an easy quiz to potential field and CAD people during their interview, just to get an understanding of their experience.
I wonder how many of you can answer these questions:
What does it mean to “Buck In” or “Trick In”?
What is the standard temperature correction for a steel tape?
What is “Double Centering”?
What does it mean to “Kick a Leg”?
What does the anagram “SOHCAHTOA” stand for?
How many hundredths of a foot are in an inch?
What is the difference between a Lenker Rod and a Philly Rod?
What is the difference between a PC and a PT?
What does it mean to “Boot the Rod”
What does it mean to “Raise for Red”?
How many feet are in a “Rod”?
What does RTK stand for
What does it mean to “Plunge the Scope”?

Define the following
1. Grantee
3. Grantor
4. Parrallax
5. Mere Stone
6. Magnetic Declination
7. GPS

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