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Civil Engineering projects involving construction and architecture infrastructure, require state of the art technologies like civil3D, AutoDesk, AutoCAD, and Revit, etc. This software help produce detailed and high-quality outputs. To get land surve…
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It’s fortunate that the world is realizing that common problems can’t be solved unless intervention is made and intervention is impossible without visualization, and thus without maps. Mapping is a central function of Geographic Information Systems…
Oct 31
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Did you know that LiDAR data is collected virtually everywhere? LiDAR(Light Detection & Ranging) technology isn’t new; it’s very similar to RADAR and uses light waves instead of radio waves. LiDAR sensors can be stationary or attached to moving vehi…
Sep 26
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Did you know that Geospatial Data is all around us? Weather reports, suggested routes on Google Maps, Geotagged tweets, store locations, and even airline routes, all of these represent Geospatial data. It’s important to know that the term only enter…
Sep 17
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Many land surveyors grew up in the profession and with the changing technology and advancement made in the GPS technology, the field time is reduced considerably, allowing the surveyors to collect the points faster. A typo survey that used to take a…
Sep 9
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