Hi members.


I have written a free COGO program specifically for civil engineering/surveying students.

Two versions available - Australian and U.S. as described in the download link.

I would be grateful if you would be prepared to download and test the program.
The address for feedback may be found in the Help>About  menu in the program or reply on this newsgroup.

Download (3Mb) from here:-
FreeCOGO Download Page
Read the READMEFIRST file in the zip before installing.

Thanks in advance

Barry Graham
Melbourne, Australia


What is FreeCOGO?

A free program for the graphical solution of Coordinate Geometry computations in surveying and civil enginering.
FreeCOGO was originally developed as software for surveying and civil engineering students in Victoria, Australia.


  • Traverse import, misclose and adjustment
  • Intersection of lines, arcs, angles and bearings
  • Location of points on arcs and lines
  • Data enquiries on lines and arcs
  • On screen display of entity data, bearing, distance, radius, arc, chord
  • Creation of lines and arcs as entities
  • Calculation of running chainage from entities
  • Create chained entities offset from existing entities
  • Measurement of areas within closed figures
  • Area seek using move point on line, on arc or parallel boundary
  • Elevation by gradient, points and interpolation
  • Import/export XYZ data from field files
  • Create DXF file annotated with bearing and distance
  • Generate data reports of point coords, lines , arcs and layers
  • Generate data setouts from occupied points
  • Data organised in layers
  • Display options to select/display layers, points, elevations and entities
  • Routines to translate, rotate, scale and copy data
  • Print display to the default printer
  • Extensive Help available in each routine dialogue box


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terrific!  thanks for sharing this valuable resource.  You may also want to start a support discussion on the Australia Surveyors Group for those who have questions about the evaluation...

I'm pleased you like it!

You can combine a Point Scale factor and a Height Scale Factor and apply this in the Transform>Scale command as a Custom Factor.

This may be suitable if the area isn't too large.

FreeCOGO is a work in progress.


Keep checking for updates - currently adding Seek Target Area commands for Lot Areas.

Move Point, Rotate Point on Arc and Move Parallel Line to increase/decrease area to a target value for an entity enclosed figure.


I haven't yet considered 3d or superelevation (2d at the moment with limited grade calcs).

It may be possible to use these elementary tools to achieve superelevation to the pavement edges on a plain curve alignment.


If you would like to be notified of updates contact me through the Feedback link in Help>About FreeCOGO.

Or check for updates yourself through Help>Version.



Barry Graham

Hi there and nice work! I can really see myselft working with your software in the future! One question: could it be possible to include gradians as an angle option?




Ulf Sjöström

Hi there and nice work! I can really see myselft working with your software in the future! One question: could it be possible to include gradians as an angle option?

I managed to kill it trying to import a point file but as usual it is my fault. Great little program you made there. Thank you for sharing.

V 3.13

I was trying to import one of my Ascii files. I think I misunderstood the import format. I have'nt had to much time to tinker with it. I am sure it operator error.

Hi Barry! Good on ya mate!

Yes, I noticed the reversed E,N etc. I guess the Aussies are all backwards right? 

I downloaded the Northern Hemisphere version and imported with no problem. Worked like a chap. Great little program. Almost feels like I am in Cad. Did you write this all yourself? I sent you an email with the file I imported. It was just some precalulated points from a record map I used to navigate to search for control. 



Thanks for sharing. I really like the simple yet very productive format with essential functions easily accessible. One function i appreciate is the automatic layer creation based on features codes when importing ASCII files.


Most softwares I use (Trimble Office suite, Terramodel and newly Carlson’s) offer very sophisticated features codes management as Auto Drafting functions that literally organize and draws your CAD almost field to finish. But as their functions are elaborated …you have to master the software to prepare the original mapping files and preset all aspects of the final format. Since I now teach surveying in engineering faculty, I see that my students have major difficulties to manage the very numerous options.


Your FREECOGO is simply effective, you import the ASCII file and you automatically generate as many layers named upon the feature codes. The colors are automatically different per layer and it is graphically very clear for the user to detect errors in coding.  You provide many valuable tools to work and manage the data base on these layers.


I have a question on that aspect, I found that when exporting to DXF, layers are only generated in the DXF output for the layers that contains lines and all point entities are on the POINT layer. Is it possible to have all the original layers with their point entities on the DXF output?


Thanks and best regards


Jean Bélanger

Civil and Geomatic Engineer


Note: Apology’s for English errors as I mainly speak and write in French.





There is no manual.

Use the GUIDELINES and CONTENTS buttons in the HELP menu for on-screen help..

You can also use the context specific HELP button on every routine dialogue box.

Dear Barry....

Thx for info...

Good day sir,

You've said that "Bearings are whole-circle, clockwise from north" could it be possible to change the orientation to "clockwise from south"?

thank you sir.


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