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Hi members.


I have written a free COGO program specifically for civil engineering/surveying students.

Two versions available - Australian and U.S. as described in the download link.

I would be grateful if you would be prepared to download and test the program.
The address for feedback may be found in the Help>About  menu in the program or reply on this newsgroup.

Download (3Mb) from here:-
FreeCOGO Download Page
Read the READMEFIRST file in the zip before installing.

Thanks in advance

Barry Graham
Melbourne, Australia


What is FreeCOGO?

A free program for the graphical solution of Coordinate Geometry computations in surveying and civil enginering.
FreeCOGO was originally developed as software for surveying and civil engineering students in Victoria, Australia.


  • Traverse import, misclose and adjustment
  • Intersection of lines, arcs, angles and bearings
  • Location of points on arcs and lines
  • Data enquiries on lines and arcs
  • On screen display of entity data, bearing, distance, radius, arc, chord
  • Creation of lines and arcs as entities
  • Calculation of running chainage from entities
  • Create chained entities offset from existing entities
  • Measurement of areas within closed figures
  • Area seek using move point on line, on arc or parallel boundary
  • Elevation by gradient, points and interpolation
  • Import/export XYZ data from field files
  • Create DXF file annotated with bearing and distance
  • Generate data reports of point coords, lines , arcs and layers
  • Generate data setouts from occupied points
  • Data organised in layers
  • Display options to select/display layers, points, elevations and entities
  • Routines to translate, rotate, scale and copy data
  • Print display to the default printer
  • Extensive Help available in each routine dialogue box


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  • Excellent!

    On some Dialogs there is a Checkbox to use the last (same type) value. Very useful,

    Some Dialogs don't have it. Locate Angle & Locate Line for example.

    It would be nice, when inputing an Angle or Distanc, to have a pop-up Dialog with all previous Angles and Distances.

    Then being able to Copy/Paste or even just click-to-enter. 

    During some tasks, say Bearing/Bearing Intersection, you may need two Angles.

    Asking much, but even an Inverse on the fly input format.

    A 101-102 would Inverse Az from Pt 101 to Pt 102.

    I know how tiresome requests can be so I'll quit now.

    Thanks for creating this program and sharing it with all  of us.

    I'm retired now but still like playing around. Sometimes friends and neighbors ask me to perform simple Surveying tasks.

    Bob Krohn

    [email protected]

  • Land Surveyor

    Hi Barry,

    Just wondering if this software is still available?


    • Hi Josh,

      Yes it is still available via the link below:


      Two versions available - Australian and U.S. - as described in the link.

      If you have trouble downloading click on my name above to find my email address.

      Barry Graham

      Melbourne, Australia

      Coordinate geometry graphical solutions to surveying and civil engineering computations.
  • great work 

    Thanks a lot

  • Greetings Barry,

    Tried your program.  Pretty nice.  You have spent a great deal of time coding I know.  I too have ventured into the software development as I could not find suitable programs easy to use.  I have a free trial version of DC_Survey  a dynamic coordinate geometry software for surveyors.  Does not take any cad knowledge and is visual in nature for the Windows operating system.  Check it out. www.dc-survey-software.com let me know what you think.


    • Hi Mark,

      I have downloaded your program and am testing it at the moment.

      Completely different in appearance and operation from mine.

      Good luck with the commercial side of your venture.

      Barry Graham

      Mt Martha



  • okay. .thank you sir Barry Graham.

  • Land Surveyor
    fabulous! Thanks I might try it.
  • Good day sir,

    You've said that "Bearings are whole-circle, clockwise from north" could it be possible to change the orientation to "clockwise from south"?

    thank you sir.

  • Dear Barry....

    Thx for info...

This reply was deleted.

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