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Land Surveying is For the Future World

Land surveying is a whole world in itself, which involves measuring and mapping the world around us using mathematics, advanced software, and equipment. Land surveyors are capable of calculating just about anything on the ground, in the sky, or at the bottom of the sea and it also includes polar ice caps.

Land surveyors are employed both in the office and in the field. They are capable of using the highest technology in the fields, such as high-order GPS and aerial and terrestrial scanners for ma

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When it comes to maps, you must know that map-making is part art and part science. To turn maps into an effective communication tool, you need to reach your audiences. To reach your audiences, the map must present itself in a simple way that gives a sense of comfort and easement to the map users. There are many GIS Mapping Companies that can create sophisticated yet simple-to-visualize maps that are truly making an impact in the Cartography world.


What is the Need for Simplicity in Map Making? 9224173270?profile=RESIZE_584x


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You Are the Missing Link

There is (as predicted) a LOT of talk surrounding the need for land surveyors to attend all sorts of seminars on Social Networking and how social media is changing the landscape for PLS and the ways in which business is changing worldwide. I know, I know. Groan-Sigh-Hiss. Sounds downright painful for those of us that consider the internet to be free and fun. The fact of the matter is, those who tell you this sort of stuff have made it a business to recruit you to do suc
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Some HUGE improvements have been made to the LSU Local page which may be of interest to all members.
I have added several new locations to the grid, in addition to the new Support Groups based on Location and on the Types of Equipment members are most familiar. We have many members who are having issues in the field simply because the equipment manufacturers do not offer the support needed for certain types of equipment-especially out dated or earlier versions. By visiting this page and joini

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In this post, I will give you some valuable resources and links to International surveying companies and some well know land surveying associations, in hopes that readers will add any links that I might have missed in the comments below. This will be PART THREE of my series of Surveying Resources
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⚡Survenator⌁’s video was featured
This week we take you along for a LiDAR Drone Land Survey in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Learn about Aerial LiDAR and industrial drone technology in this video. VIEW LIVE DATASET HERE ----- http://data.lidargear.com/LiDAR-Land-... --------…
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Justin Farrow’s video was featured
I this vedio i have explained that how to convert sdr file into excel file or csv file in Hindi urdu
2 hours ago

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