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As a true Land Surveying / Setting Out engineer I tend to create (Design in CAD and 3D Print & Machining) my own couplers, fittings and fit SMR's and prisms into whatever comes in handy in my Setting Out work.

I bought a limping 2nd hand mini metal lathe end of last year and modified it a bit to suit my CNC idea I have for it. I'm not there yet, DRO's on all axis, working on a CNC solution.

This years intentions (I know, there is a market out there where you can easiy buy stuff but it is more fun to create your own):

- a home made Suction Fit Leica stub with no (0) play (Tick, Done!, see pictures below)

- a Zeiss coupler that fits most tribrach bases with exchangeable 5/8" 11TPI & Leica stub on the top.

- a universal set of couplers: Leica <=> 5/8" 11TPI , Tribrach base to D30.0 mm. SMR

- an Aluminium Setting Out Centralizer MK3 (0.1 mm accuracy) for a D30.0 mm SMR with a light magnet base ring.

See my free own designs on Thinghiverse for 3D printing, 0.5 mm. accuracy:: ttps://

Any more idea's ? Most welcome, certainly if you have a PDF or CAD drawing with dimensions => Get in touch, but keep in mind, this is a hobby of mine, I'm not a production unit and do not intend to compete with businesses out there who have these on the shelf for you: I'm filling a gap.



Inverness, Scotland UK


Wim Janssen van Doorn was a POL Geotechniek (NL) engineer who had solutions before you even realised you had a problem. A true magician in solutions, I learned a truckload from this man







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