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Crossing a River with Differential levels a Wide River, How Wide ?

 Hello Everyone, It hasn't been too many years ago that surveyors  face and had to over come the task of crossing a wide river or even a wide canyon with only there levels.In doing this they work out the science of Targeting procedures  and Reciprocal Leveling with corrections for curvatures and refraction amounts for a half a mile to over a mile. Rivers at even a 1000 ft were a challenge. Think of how the first surveyors felt when they look across the Mississippi. From working on it i know how…

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Take Shots on the Thalweg, take shots on what!!

Hi everyone,One day i was asked  to take shots on the Thalweg , This can only be done if you can see it. in my case it was a creek,so i could see it. In other cases this can  only be  located by soundings, by whatever method  you use. mechanical  or electronic.  So everyone , when and where did you do this, and how, and did you know that this can effect in some cases where the boundary is on a stream or lake and also navigation charts of rivers.and waterways.So with out looking it up ,if you do…

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NOS Hydrographic Surveys Collection

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the statutory mandate to collect hydrographic data in support of nautical chart compilation for safe navigation and to provide background data for engineers, scientific, and other commercial and industrial activities. Hydrographic survey data primarily consist of water depths, but may also include features (e.g. rocks, wrecks), navigation aids, shoreline identification, and bottom type information. NOAA is responsible for archiving…

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Why is global ocean bathymetry important?

Bathymetric data is important for producing navigation products (such as nautical charts) and for the advancement of many important Earth sciences. For example, a detailed knowledge of global bathymetry is a prerequisite for mapping the oceans and for understanding how the earths global systems interact. The shape of the ocean basins, ridges and mountains influence the flow of sea water carrying heat, salt, nutrients, and pollutants. They also influence the propagation of energy from undersea…

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Hydrographic Surveyors Group

Hydrographic surveying deals with the configuration of the bottom and adjacent land areas of oceans, lakes, rivers, harbours, and other water forms on Earth. In strict sense, it is defined merely as the surveying of a water area; however, in modern usage it may include a wide variety of other objectives such as measurements of tides, current, gravity, earth magnetism, and determinations of the physical and chemical properties of water. The principal objective of most hydrographic surveys, is to obtain basic data for the compilation of nautical charts with emphasis on the features that may affect safe navigation.Other objectives include acquiring the information necessary for related marine navigational products and for coastal zone management, engineering, and science.
Hydrographic surveying is undergoing fundamental changes in measurement technology. Multibeam acoustic and airborne laser systems now provide almost total seafloor coverage and measurement as compared to the earlier sampling by bathymetric profiles. The capability to position the data precisely in the horizontal plane has been increased enormously by the availabilityof satellite positioning systems, particularly when augmented by differential techniques. This advance in technology has been particularly significant since navigators are now able to position themselves with greater accuracy than that of the data on which older charts are based

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  • Hi everyone, Ready to share my stories and discussion on my history of the Mississippi River, Gulf coast, GIWW that is Gulf Inter Coastal Water Ways and the never ending job to survey them.From flood studies to large Dredging projects.Building large Dams,surveying Dams for safety call Priority 1 Dams ,tributaries rivers , lakes and canal.Most of this work in the U. S. falls under the jurisdiction of the Army Corps of ENG. So get our boots on.

    good day every one.     Billy

  • Seeking Employment

    I am new in hydrographic surveying please give me some guide line regarding career building in hydrographic surveying .For more information please review my profile

  • Student Surveyor

    my name is ziad 
    a student at faculty of arts studying general surveying 
    in the summer time now the only thing i do is reading and studying the manual of International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)
    and hypack, inc manual too
    so any body there want to give me an advice 

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