Take Shots on the Thalweg, take shots on what!!

thelwegHi everyone,One day i was asked  to take shots on the Thalweg , This can only be done if you can see it. in my case it was a creek,so i could see it. In other cases this can  only be  located by soundings, by whatever method  you use. mechanical  or electronic.  So everyone , when and where did you do this, and how, and did you know that this can effect in some cases where the boundary is on a stream or lake and also navigation charts of rivers.and waterways.So with out looking it up ,if you do not know, what do you think it is?


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  • Hi again everyone, Just thought I would give the text book definition of thalweg

    1.  An imaginary line connecting the lowest points of a valley.

    2.The line connecting the lowest points of a stream's channel.

    3.The surface midline of a channel.

    Now there it is, don't keep to yourselves.


  • Hi everyone , Since no one has answered , this means every one most know what it is ?  This term is not use in every day surveying practice. And I don't  remember how many years i had work before i heard it. So I  would omit I didn't know what it was ,and i had spent many years  in hydrographic work.  I was doing flood studies and  Potamology studies on the Mississippi River at the time and was asked to determine the thalweg of a small stream because I was working in the area and I was the closet crew they had there. So what is it? I asked. Is it the center line, it can be. But it doesn't have to be.  It is the deepest  part of a stream,river, lake or water ways.This is the thalweg channel. In many cases it can be used to determine where the old property lines between states or countries lie in the original body of waters. and the present boundary also. It is also used in navigational  charts of rivers, lakes,water ways and the ocean. So when some one asked you to go shoot the thalweg, smile and walk away.


  • Hi  everyone, I apologize for my spelling. I install a QWERTY keyboard and it's not working right it leaves off letters and caps does not work every time. I am trying to fix it. Have patience.

     Thank you,  Billy

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