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  • Land Surveyor
    Good day, please I need your concerned and help about this project topic "LOCATION ALLOCATION OF BEST POSITION OF CAMPUS RADIO STATION"
  • please I want to define file format for tps and Rinex in magnet tools
  • Land Surveyor
    Here in Nigerian Higher institutions Surveying is not basically taught, here in fedpoly Nekede Gis
  • Land Surveyor
    Most important factor to consider that could be the course is zones (utm zones)
  • Land Surveyor
    Most important factor to consider that could be the course is zones (utm zones)
  • Land Surveyor
    Most important factor to consider that could be the course is zones (utm zones)
  • Land Surveyor
    The prism constant either four years or more couldn't have been the factor.

    I will suggest you look at factors such as:

    Control Points/Geodetic Datum: did you guys carried out new surveys reference to the same control points/geodetic datum as the previous survey?

    Did you carried out check on control points:If yes to the above, was the control points used in situ (meaning in good conditions as same as four years ago)?

    Instruments Testing: did you guys confirmed the good conditions of both the previous instruments used for old survey and the one used for the new survey?

    What was the discrepancy of the old one to the new one in meters? So that we can further get to the root of the course if all the above factors weren't the course
  • Student Surveyor

    Hi, i have a question can hopefully you can answer me, am working on a project and we have a topographic map which was done by a survey consultant company 4 yrs ago, but one of our senior surveyor is saying that these points are not correct and we have to do topo of that area again because the coordinates are not matching with his, i thought is it possible that the prism constant might be different when topo was done 4 yrs ago than what prism we are using, please tell me if am right or wrong and also please tell me what factors affect the points of topo or any survey.

  • Land Surveyor
    It is great having you here Surv. Akinboye Ogunola.
    You are highly welcome and we are looking forward to you contributions and wealth of knowledge you have accrue over 3 decades in the field of Surveying and Geospatial Science.
    Once again, you are welcome sir!
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