Show us why the public should always call a land surveyor

Where are you surveying?


  • Land Surveyor
    Actually, GIS belongs to all Professions even Law, History, Biology, Engineering etc. What makes GIS unique with Surveyors is Georeferencing which is a major tool for Surveyors. My observation now is that people are subtituing GIS for Surveying. I feel they are separate. GIS in its advent emphasised Layers which Surveyors had used since the analogue era. Our maps in those days were in layers but made on plates. They were superimposed during final prints in themes.

    Surveyors cannot claim monopoly of GIS, only that we are one of the strong users.We find it helpful mostly in multipurpose cadastre where heavy data is involved. It helps us maintain heavy database with the precision Surveying demands.

    Conversely in mapping, less emphasis is given to accuracy as you will do in Cadastre. The former is small scale while the latter is large scale.

    I welcome more education on this topic.
  • Land Surveyor
    Sir, based on my knowledge, I will say GIS is primarily designed for Surveyors most importantly in the area of Cadastral.

    The advancement of GIS has revolutionize Cadastral method of old practice, hence, making GIS an indispensable technology to Cadastral

    Many states in Nigeria are shifting from analogue Cadastral to more advance digital Cadastral with the aid of GIS.

    Surveyor is Cadastral while Cadastral is Surveyor


    Cadastral + Surveyor = GIS
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