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    GIS is a computerized tools while Cadastre is a lagal function. They both have different role to play in our society, but combination of both make things look perfectly well in our technological era.
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      Yes. I do. We should not loose sight of the fact that all users are entitled to the use of GIS equally. Each profession emphasises it mainly in the areas(s) of their interest. The unique thing about it is that its data is georeferenced. Remember that not only Surveyors could georeference these days. Before, Geogrphers produced maps in quantums than Surveyors. Check the Authors of Atlasses of those days, they were all by Geographers.

      Many other Professionals are already making incursions into Surveying, the more we should intensify and build value into our deliverables.
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    GIS technology has try as possible to explore different discipline with the aid of GIS toolbox. This enable the under listed discipline to explore GIS technology:

    Computer scientist
    Space technology
    Remote Sensing
    Database administrators etc

    But Cadastre has differentiate itself beyond the GIS toolbox, serving the primary function of GIS technology which are analysis, storing, updating, viewing and displaying of Geospatial reference data to the Earth.
    Cadastre is taking a more drastically u-turn in our world with the advancement of GIS technology.
    In Nigeria as an example, some cadastral department is been replaced by a sector under Geographic Information System such as Niger State Geographic Information System (NIGIS), Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS), Plateau State Geographic Information System (PLAGIS), Lagos State Geographic Information System (LAGIS), Nasarawa State Geographic Information System (NAGIS) etc.
    The above mentioned GIS sectors are due to revolutionize analogue Cadastre system to more digitalized system.

    Hence, GIS and Cadastre remain indispensable as far as digital information surpass analogue information and additionally more preferable to analogue information system.

    Sir, I do hope you will enjoy my little contribution.

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