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Sri Lanka Surveyors is a place for Land Surveyors in Sri Lanka to collaborate on current events, historical events, and ideas related to shaping the future of Sri Lanka from the perspective of a Land Surveyor or related profession.

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Can anybody control spatial data captured by individual for A GIS

I think anybody can make use of spatial data provided freely available Eg,google earth Maintaining a GIS for a country is essential for legal framework,if not for that daily changing earth crust is to be incorporated in a GIS system is of no value. I think time to come everybody can share data as at present except the controle network of a particular country, For example I am allowed to incorporate any data to Google earth around my location! As this is just my idea ,your comments and feedback…

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"Blue tops" in Land Surveying

Why is the term bluetop used in surveying? Most US Surveyors know what it is during constrction stage of dirt(another word) work, I think dirtwork means playing with soil excavation and filling. More clarifications required . Thesae terms used when I was working with Zachry Dellingham,a US company here!

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Freedom to Communicate

Within this group of professional land surveyors from Sri Lanka, discussions are welcomed and encouraged.  Members may be near or far from each other.  That is what makes this group unique.  You are all able to unite in one place.

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