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October 23

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I now lecture and consult re: surveying, antique surveying instruments and surveying history...feel I can not only learn from others but also can help to mentor younger surveyors. I have been involved with such projects as the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel in Boston, the Seabrook Nuclear Station in Seabrook, NH, the Vernon Nuclear Station in Vernon, VT., the 10,000 acre Mount Washington Hotel/Bretton Woods Ski Area in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I have been the Chief Surveyor for several firms in the Boston area, as well as owned and operated my own Surveying/Engineering business in Colebrook, NH for 12 years. I have the strong opinion that many surveyors have become so enarmored with modern technology that they forget that there were millions of boundaries established before they were born; those boundaries cannot be re-established by us. They can only be redefined. Defining a boundary to the nearest 1/100th of a foot and 1 second of arc can give us an unwarranted confidence in our work, especially if we have moved the original boundary. We must learn Boundary Law and the rules of evidence at the same time we learn how to use the tools and instruments..the tools and instruments constantly change but the laws and rules regarding the locations of boundaries has changed very little since the early 1600's. New tools and instruments allow us to mathematically redefine boundaries...their use does not give us permission to change the location of a long established boundary! We older surveyors need to learn the new technology and at the same time pass on our knowledge and experience re" boundary laws and the rules of evidence.

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GPS, cadastral, topographic, boundary surveys, construction staking, topographic surveys, control network surveys, ground movement monitoring, GIS, teaching, Expert Testimony, Retired Surveyor, I Teach Surveying, Student of Surveying, Cartography

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  • Dear David c. Garcelon,

                                           What you have written about Mr. Henry david thoreau,s biography, is absolutely correct.Good surveyor is unsung hero.We are the surveyor not getting respect that much even though we are the back bone of project.I think your written highly appreciate by all of us member.

                                        Thank you for valuable writing.

                                                                                                With regards

                                                                                          Tuhin mukherjee

  • I would do anything, to have you teach / lecture me.

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