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South Africa Surveyors is a group forum for discussing the Land Surveying profession in South Africa.  Please freely share your ideas, advice, questions, and concerns regarding Surveying in South Africa.

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Land Surveyor

Town Planning and Land Survey: Balancing Costs and Services

IntroductionTown planning and land survey play vital roles in the development and management of projects, including subdivision of property, division of farmland, pegging of townships, and rezoning. These processes are crucial for effective urban and rural development, ensuring sustainable land use and optimized spatial arrangements. However, in South Africa, there is a growing concern among town planners regarding the exorbitant fees charged by land surveyors for their services. This article…

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Not a Surveyor

Land Surveying and rezoning in South Africa

Hi All,I am a professional town planner in South Africa, specialising in land use applications. Do you think it is necessary to do a site survey for a property prior to lodging of a rezoning application? We have found a pre-site survey useful for purposes of our rezoning site layout plan, since a land surveyor can determine whether the boundary walls of the property correlates to the actual cadastral boundary.Please let me know what you think.Thanks! 

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GEO Ambassador

All About Cadastral System in South Africa

Brief History of Cadastral System in South Africa Early Days Egypt was probably the first place where early man took steps to become a food producer rather than a food gatherer. Until man had taken his first step in advancing from a nomadic to a more settled existence, he had no need for land measurement, nor did he have a need to record his claim to ownership of individual pieces of land. It is highly probable therefore, that Egypt saw the first use of a cadastral system and of cadastral…

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