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3D Scanner Support for land surveyors is a Hub for asking questions and sharing projects using 3D scanners.  Support for 3D Scanners in land surveying. Shared resources, tips and tricks are discussed in this group. For surveyors who use 3D scanners.  Find deals on 3D Laser Scanners for Surveying.  

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Total Station VS 3D Scanner

  hey guys  what is your oponion regarding a site of about 5.5 hectars to be surveyed by total station and a 3d Scanner, would both of them will got fixed and come exactly togather or some deference is tolerable? the leghnt of the area is about 0.5 km, and there the 3D scanner and the total station survey result have some about 70cm rotation generally at one part of the other part be fixed togather is it normal? Thanks. 

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3D Scanning Dictionary & Glossary of Terms

2D Drawing – A 2D representation of a CAD model typically complete with measurements and dimensions for use in many manufacturing processes. 3D Laser Scanner – A 3D scanning device that uses a laser to reflect off the part and triangulate with a camera lens, allowing the scanner to determine and create XYZ coordinates. The scanner then uses these points to form a 3D digital model of the part. 3D Modeling – 3D modeling refers to the creation of three-dimensional objects that are defined…

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3D Scanner Videos

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    How 3D Scanner helps in finding cut and fill volume in ? Could you please tell or give some references to make me understand
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    3D Scanning Photos added to this the future, please tag all photos and videos of 3D scanning with tags "3D" for them to automatically show up in this group...
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