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October 11



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Charles W Browning Jr

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GPS, cadastral, topographic, boundary surveys, construction staking, topographic surveys, control network surveys, ground movement monitoring, Construction, Any and all types of Surveying. I want to perform Aerial and Laser Scanning Surveys as well.

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  • HI Charles, I like say thank you , for saying those words about Skip. I have only been a member for a little while. So then you know that i did not get to talk to him on this site.But me and Justin talk to each other and he has gave me his support  many times. So me and him have  become friends.All my life I have tried to help other surveyors, because there was always someone that help me.  I don't no why  but that seems to be one things that is found in a surveyor.We seem to help each other. And you coming back in touch with all of us , will help you. So stay in touch and we will talk again and long live the Magnolia  State.


  • GEO Ambassador
    Get Well Soon Buddy and We'll Go Cut Some Line!
  • GEO Ambassador
    Thanks for all of your support and participation on LSU. For that I give you the official LSU Administrator Badge
  • GEO Ambassador
    hey buddy...thought you might like to join the support group for MS...just realized it had been lost in search...
  • GEO Ambassador
    try not to chase any cars with this one....thanks for all the participation and support of LSU
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