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November 20

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I love what I do & can always learn something new. Started Surveying in 1981. Hope to share my skills and grow professionally.

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GPS, topographic, boundary surveys, construction staking, topographic surveys, control network surveys, ground movement monitoring, teaching, Aerial, Construction, Military, UAS/UAV Drone Technology, GPR, Cartography

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  • hello!!!
  • Great stuff! I've been trying to help the companies I have worked for but man change seems harder than it has to be. Write more soon
  • Hi Ted, Thank you, and glad you feel that way,Sometimes i think no  one is listening,but then a Ray of light will shine thru. I have also read some of your post or reply's, I remember one, where  you said,something about changing the scale factors in the Data collectors to fix what was wrong, i replied back ,they do not use them,i do not know why,no way i going to type all that in a Total Station, never have,well maybe,just to see how it worked. then i am done. I went to work in 1994 for a company that had Five crews, I had my own 48 TDS , They had not got me a truck or put together my crew yet, so the first day, i went and worked with one of the crews, when we get to the job,which was a construction site, the PC, rolls out the plans ,gets out a scale,but then starts looking on the plans, where he could turn 90°of the property line and set up base line to layout some of the parking,also using building ties to layout the building at 90°.

    I asked do you not use a Data collect, he told me no we have one, but no body knows how to use it. so i told him , you care if i help i have one and many different cable for different guns ,yours i have. So i showed him how i was going to use coordinates,and how i was going to calculate all of these and how we could just make one setup to stake all of this,he told me sometimes ,they do this at the office and print this out for us, but then something is always in the way and what they gave us want work. He told me they call it a Radial layout,I said yea,that is what it is called. I said well, this company needs to get data collects for everyone and i will teach everyone how to use them.The one's that wanted to did, this PC refused to learn,he said he like doing it his way,Learning some thing new  can be a challenge or just to scared to do it,or just do not want to change, But I was shocked,i never dream i would find this going on,This company had a lot of work,I told the owner, come out of the dark ages, so he then took my advice and invested in all the software, for TDS in his office. They where doing Topo's with base lines and a level. there  and the draft man where having to enter all these coordinates and elevations by hand into there contour program, one told me he had never seen this before,from a download of a collector.But i left this story out. in respect for this company,this is the opposite of the old teaching the new. I changed this whole company, that went on to become what it is today.All there surveys were being done in notes and all this had to be calculated in the office,just think what a change i made in this company for all of there work, field and office,just though i would tell it to you. and thanks for wanting to be my Friend.                                                        PS my oldest brother, Lived his whole life in CA. he worked for Inglenook winery,In Napa Valley,He was the Historian Guide for the winery and made video's for them on their history and their Wines. He loved Wine.

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