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Dwindling Budgets

What are government surveyors doing in the area of dwindling budgets and cuts to department staff? In my organization we have done more with less as I know everyone is now doing. Our field crews have been cut down from four as of six years ago to now just two crews. As this has occurred we have reduced the number of projects that have gone out to the private sector through our continuing services contracts as more of those projects are being done in house. An issue I am plagued with is how to…

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Government Surveyors Support Group

If you are a government surveyor, share a discussion related to working for the government as a surveyor.

Government employed surveyors share in a huge contribution to national and sub-national development projects.  Understanding government projects is difficult enough, but what happens when several government bodies are involved in the same project? 

Let's talk about the regulations, laws, and procedures for making a government project functionally possible.  Voice your thoughts, ideas, and opinions related to working in this type of environment.

Government surveyors

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    Land settlement Survey Every year must be done in the world, have such surveys done in the world? What are the requirements for how many years are to be done, what are the provisions in international law for that
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