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Party Chief Positions Needed that you won't find anywhere else.

Surveyor Placement Services is actively seeking several Party Chief positions for an established company. These positions are permanent and will require relocating to there area offices' either in Texas, Colorado, North Dakota, or Wyoming. TThey will provide excellent Health insurance, Retirement, Paid Holidays, and a very competitive pay package. Anyone interested in applying for one of these positions can do so by logging into and creating a profile and uploading your…

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Land Surveyor

Pipeline Party Chief Need

SPS is looking for a party chief to do pipeline work in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. Experience needed in preliminary routing, construction staking and as-builts. Please visit and create a profile. Please chose the option that you heard about SPS through LSU.

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The story of Surveyor Placement Services...... long version

I like to hear stories from other surveyors about how they got into surveying and their journey through the profession. I have a story, and I have come to terms with the fact that my life is not in any danger of being an autobiographical best seller. But none the less, it might be of interest to one bored surveyor that is procrastinating from doing their work. In order to give you a sense of why I started SPS, I will go all the way back to the beginning of my story. I will break it up over…

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Surveyors Helping Surveyors Find Jobs


Do you know what surveyors like to do? Survey! One thing that takes a lot of time away from us getting to survey (and bill our clients) is hiring people. It is difficult to find hard working, honest, qualified candidates that are the right fit for your company and your projects. The odds are not favorable that the ideal person for your company is going to stumble across your job posting in the few weeks it is posted. Let us connect you to our nationwide database of experienced surveyors interested in joining your team.



Do you ever wonder if your current job is the perfect job for you? If so, the perfect job may be looking for you right now, and they don't know where to find you. Create a profile with SPS and let us do the work for you. We will notify you of opportunities you may be interested in pursuing. Then it is your choice to say yes or no. Isn't that what we would all like to have... the choice to say yes or no? Let us give you that option to explore the opportunities.


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***When creating your profile on SPS, tell them that you are a Land Surveyors United Member for extra special placement!

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    "survey equipment verification ,, for total station ??? help please

  • Land Surveyor

    Hello to the surveying community here at LSU. I have been a member for a couple of years, however mostly just lurking in the background. The longer I am in surveying, a total of 20 years now, the more need I see for staying connected and helping as much as I can the surveying community I belong to. Last year, I decided a good way that I could help surveyors and surveying companies, was to make finding good surveyors and good surveying jobs easier. So from that thought, Surveyor Placement Services was born. Surveyors helping surveyors; that is what I want to do. I am thankful to LSU for allowing me to have a forum to help reach this community. The more we can grow the SPS network, the more companies will contact SPS to see what surveyors are in the area they need to find employees. Once I receive an inquiry, I will pass it on to the surveyors in that area. I am open for any discussions to talk about SPS and how it works, surveying jobs, or any other related topics.

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