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Student Land Surveyors UNITE!  This hub is for surveying in schools and student surveyor support on Land Surveyors United. Join this group to share resources and tips for students of land surveying.  In this Hub for Young Surveyors you can ask questions to both your fellow student surveyors as well as Educators inside the Land Surveyors United Community.  Start a Discussion and Introduce yourself

Tell us what you are learning and keep an on-going log of everything you learned!

Things You Can Do in Student Surveyors Hub:

  • Share and Compare Class Notes
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  • The Sky is the Limit!

Professors will soon have the ability to host and administer their entire classroom inside a hub of their own.  Stay tuned!


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Girl Surveyor

I am an ambitious female surveyor who wish to inspire more young people to join the community of surveyors, a United Community. I created a website where female surveyors can interact and inspire young girls to become female surveyors. Girl Surveyors is the platform where we can aspire to inspire somebody. 

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Gigantic List of Surveying Student Study Materials

I just stumbled across a nice resource list for land surveying students and thought I'd share.  The Farmer's Land-Measurer, or Pocket Companion, by James Pedder (page images at MOA)  Traverse tables, with an introductory chapter on coordinate surveying, by Henry Louis ... and George William Caunt ...(London, E. Arnold, 1913), by Henry Louis (page images at HathiTrust; US access only)  Surveying tables. ([Washington, U.S. Govt. print. off., 1940]), by United States War Department (page images…

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Students Earn Amazon Cash Through Referrals

Everyone Needs Books and Supplies... and Also Cash If you are a surveying student and have not signed up for Amazon Student, you are missing out on cash.  Sign up with your .edu email address and instantly earn five bucks.  Share the invite and get $5 for each friend who signs up.  It all starts by subscribing here  Sign Up for Amazon Student If you're looking for cheaper surveying textbooks and accessories for surveying school, check out our Amazon Store.  Purchase your items through our…

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Where to Find Surveying Textbooks For Free

Save Money On School By Downloading Free Textbooks Over the years, I have been able to save a ton of money by finding and downloading electronic versions (PDF) versions of my text books online.  I figure if it works for me, it has to work for you. Be advised that I am not condoning illegal practices, but if you would like to have a digital version of your textbooks, this is the way to go. Just be aware of the copyright issues involved with downloading free books.   Keep the following in mind…

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Students of Land Surveying Support Group

Student surveyors, this is your group. Share any information, resources or links with the rest of the surveying students across the globe. Simply start a discussion, give it a catchy title and share share share.

Land surveying in schools, resources for surveying students, study aids, exams, school for land surveyors.

If you are new to the Student Land Surveyors Group, please start by adding a discussion and introducing yourself to the community! Tell us what you are studying and share some of your work for other student surveyors to learn from!




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  • Land Surveyor
    If anyone wants to read about Underground Utility Infrastructure Mapping with GPR, feel free to dive in!
    Application of Kinematic GPR-TPS Model with High 3D Georeference Accuracy for Underground Utility I…
    This paper describes in detail the applicability of the developed ground-penetrating radar (GPR) model with a kinematic GPR and self-tracking (roboti…
  • Any student with a HP 35s  needs to view my discussion, on The little big calculator that calculated i think i can, IF you do not have one , you can download a emulator to learn on. This is the world's most powerful hand held calculator made today and the last RPN logic  or programming in service. I also have other discussion on this calculator.


  • Hi every one , Most of my calculator discussions may have needed to be in here.Calculators are most important  tool they will need in the next years of their life. Because this is the only way to take a  Exam Test for License to be a surveyor in the US.

  • Survey Legend

    Student Surveyors
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    Student Surveyors
    Student Surveyors. 904 likes. Connect with other students of land surveying and geospatial sciences globally! Share class notes, collaborate on assig…
  • GEO Ambassador

    Jobber created a new facebook page just for Student Surveyors!  Check it out!

    Student Surveyors
    Student Surveyors. 904 likes. Connect with other students of land surveying and geospatial sciences globally! Share class notes, collaborate on assig…
  • Can any one help me out on, how to download Total Station data using spectrumlink 3.5 software.
  • Land Surveyor

    i'm an undergrad student of civil engineering last 2008.. then i work as a surveyor from 2009 to present... last july-oct. i go back to school while working in the provincial's office of our area.. 

    -my advice is you must be loyal and dedicated with your work, you must also an observant in every aspects in surveying works.. now i'm the transit man and the record man of the survey team.. tnx to my dedication, and the advice of my mentors. especially my father and my grand father,, they are also an undergrad student in civil but they area competitive just the way the licensed surveyors do in our area.. ^_^

  • Anyone take an exam in October? Results?
  • I too have been surveying for several years, not as long as Wayne, but 13 years and have also decided to go back to school to complete a bachelors degree in land surveying, not so much because of the economy but because there are a lot of states moving toward a degree requirement. Plus, how do we expect to call ourselves Professionals if we are not willing to get an education? I am working full time and taking classes through Great Basin College's online bachelor's degree program in Land Surveying/Geomatics. Good luck to all you land surveying students.
  • HI, I am surveying student and willing to learn new things
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