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It takes a long time to develop a well rounded professional.  

For those of you who have successfully run the gauntlet of professional development and have mastered the art and science of land surveying, this is your place and time to put on your thinking caps and do what it takes to help educate.

For those of you who are scholars of the profession, looking for the mentoring you need to make it to the next level in your career, this your place and time to put on your thinking caps and ask the questions you need answered, without fear, and to help you associate yourselves with potential employers.

There are 2 primary forums inside this hub.  One for those who need advice from a land surveying mentor to post questions and ask for advice.  The other is for Mentors to post advice for those new to Land Surveying.



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Geoholics Podcast

TopoDOT Users Conference 2022 - A Geoholics Road Show

What an absolutely amazing experience! I was honored to be invited to this year's TopoDOT Users Conference in beautiful Orlando Florida! We hope you enjoy these random unscripted interviews recorded at #TUC22. Email us at [email protected] if you'd like The Geoholics to "add value & make friends" at your next event! Music for this episode by Zac Brown Band!!!

00:00:25 Intro00:01:05 Danny Clark00:10:48 Jason Bentley 00:22:51 Jennifer Triana 00:33:36 David Clapper 00:42:12 Andra Catias 00:53:28 Dustin Clark 01:16:48 Ted Knaak 01:39:43 Outro 01:40:19 FOTP

Episode 127 - Steve Rienks, PE, PMP

Who knew there were so many interesting PE's?!?!?! The guys were joined this week by one of DD's fellow Chicagoans, Mr. Steve Rienks, PE, PMP who is the Director of Engineering at American Surveying & Engineering, P.C. We uncovered a ton of collective wisdom during this episode and still remained friends when the dust settled. Some of the topics discussed include the challenges of working internationally, the 40% rule, importance of being well-rounded, mega projects, 6 constraints of project management, three legged stools, culture = community, managing work-life balance and the "personal timesheet"! Wim Hof was quoted. Music for this episode by The Black Moods! 

Episode 126 - Andres Abeyta & Bootcamp GIS

We were joined this week by Andres Abeyta, Executive Director of Bootcamp GIS.  Our key discussion topic is: The Changing Paradigm in GIS Tech Education.  He has built a career out of developing content and courses for people to learn how to use GIS.  This spans universities, corporations, and the federal agencies.  His roles in both GIS Education and the rapidly growing EdTech sector make for some innovative discussion on the gap between what students are looking for and what universities are offering.  Students and instructors will be interested in his innovative GIS Certificate platform that offers everyone value due to speed, relevancy, and marketability. Thank you to this week's featured FOTP TopoDot. Elon Musk is quoted. Music for this episode by the Beatles!!!

Episode 125 - Timothy Hawthorne & GeoBus

"Blind Faith" is having unquestioning belief in something. Our guest this evening (and his team) are perfect examples of this! Timothy "Tim" Hawthorne is a 2022 National Geographic Explorer, Associate Professor of GIS at UCF, recent recipient of the UCF Teaching Incentive Program Award, GeoBus Founder and now a Geoholic Podcast veteran. Tim returns this week to share some exciting updates about GeoBus that are going prove that anything is possible when you have a team of like-minded individuals sharing a common goal. Guess what, if you're like us, you too are going to want to bring a Geobus to your state after hearing Tim's passion for this awesome movement. Even better, there is now a proven blueprint for making it happen! Peta Cox is this week's guest co-host! John C. Maxwell is quoted. Music for this episode by Garth Brooks (kinda). RIP Ed Reeder, PLS...the best mentor a young surveyor could have ever asked for.

Episode 124 - Keith Masback

Gather around the transistor folks and prepare to be educated and entertained. This was a doozy! The guys were honored to have a living geospatial legend join them this week. Mr. Keith Masback carved out some time in his insanely busy schedule to provide a knowledge drop and we can't thank him enough for doing so. Keith is an advisor, investor, mentor, military veteran and connector for (primarily) early-stage startups working in geospatial intelligence and related fields. Just some of the topics discussed include geospatial intelligence, national security, space technology, GEOINT applications, being relevant is not good enough and how we need to take full advantage of this "geospatial moment". Truly podcast gold. Gilbert Gottfried is quoted...RIP. Music for this episode by the Grateful Dead!

Western Regional Survey Conference 2022 - A Geoholics Road Show

"And...we're back...and...we're back....and...we're back..." I promise to stop saying this next time...argh! We hope you enjoy these random unscripted interviews recorded from our very own booth while attending this awesome conference. Email us at [email protected] if you'd like The Geoholics to "add value & make friends" at your next event! Music for this episode by Foo Fighters!!!

00:00:47 - ALEKSEY VOLOSHIN00:12:10 – KYLE STREETER00:23:58 – MICHAEL FLORES 00:32:41 – RYAN MING  00:43:34 – DANNY LIGHTFOOT 00:56:31 – TRENT WILLIAMS 01:10:53 – THERON WESTON 01:20:41 – MATT SENNEWALD 01:32:41 – JOE WALLER 01:44:24 – ANNA NAJEEB (SP?) 01:56:05 – AARON SCHULMAN 02:06:44 – CHAD HILL 02:17:41 – SCOTT SPEARS 02:30:34 – PATRICIA YEN 02:40:15 – CHRISTOPHER SHOUP 02:52:10 – ROD TAYLOR 03:07:02 – ALICIA MENDOZA 03:16:00 – FELIPE SAYAGO 03:26:50 – AARON SMITH 03:40:22 – TRENT KEENAN

Episode 123 - Sean Fabor, PE

What do you do when one of your listeners asks "Why does a podcast called the GEOholics never talk about geotechnical, geological, or geomechanical engineering"? You invite them to be a guest of course! The boys were joined this week by Sean Fabor, PE who is a geotechnical engineering professional. Some of the things discussed include defining the different "geo" engineering disciplines, "geo" engineering historical milestones, Leaning Tower of Pisa, soil & rock mechanics, geotechnical investigation & testing, problem solving, UFO's, trombones, and love making music. The winner of the DBLS NASCAR diecast is announced. Sun Tzu is quoted. Music by St. Paul and The Broken Bones! 

Episode 122 - Trent Keenan, LS, CFedS, WRS

Who is Trent Keenan? Well, if you're like most folks, you've heard the name but don't really know the man. TK joined the boys this week and wow did we cover a lot of ground! Everything from Trent's lifechanging brush with death, Shoots' calf envy, importance of family, an 88K acre survey, giving to get, legacies, National Surveyors Week and more land survey related statistics than you ever knew existed. COG has started "hooked on phonics"...BS shares some big news and DD gets a part of his life back! Listen and win a DBLS NASCAR diecast. Abraham Lincoln was quoted. Music for this episode by Ayron Jones. Stop by and see us at the Western Regional Survey Conference!!!

Episode 121 - Laura Newbrough, SHRM-CP

Prepare to be educated and entertained! The boys (including Shoots) were joined this week by Laura Newbrough. Laura is a Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional and the founder of LNHR Consulting, a fractional Human Resources and Payroll solution for businesses of all sizes. With her 20 plus years of experience, she has helped businesses develop and implement custom, efficient, and effective HR solutions from scratch. Her passion is culture and inclusion with a focus on diversity programs to enrich the employee experience. Happy National Surveyors Week...listen and win! John C. Maxwell as quoted. Music for this episode by Led Zeppelin!

Episode 120 - Rami Tamimi

What a blast! The guys (and gal) were joined this week by none other than Mr. Rami Tamimi! Rami is a rising star making his mark on the geospatial community in more ways than one. He is an instructor and Ph.D. student in the Geodetic Engineering department at THE Ohio State University, a social media influencer (check out the Rami Tamimi YouTube channel) and clothing czar (check out Lets not forget to mention that he was also awarded the Younger Geospatial Professional Award at GeoWeek 2022?!?!? Some of the things discussed include how Rami's father played a key role in him becoming interested in land surveying, the power of social media, all the exciting things ahead for geomatics professionals, some unique challenges we are facing as surveyors and the importance of mentoring being a two-way street. Added bonus, Peta Cox joined the boys and provided great perspective and added value! One of the best Arabic proverbs ever written was shared. Music for this episode by JadaL!!!

Episode 119 - Mark ”Chief Geek” Taylor & Extreme Aerial Productions

Producer Note: There may or may not have been a bottle of Arizona Distilling Company Copper City Bourbon consumed during the recording of this show! The boys were joined this week by Mark Taylor, Chief Geek & Owner of Extreme Aerial Productions. EAP is a professional drone company providing photography and videography for roof inspection, construction, real estate, home builders, survey companies, film & so much more! Just some of the items discussed include business related lessons learned, unique challenges of owning a UAV biz, keeping up with technology, capital expenditure decisions and why some tend to undervalue their professional services...argh. YouTubeTV or HuluLive? Winston Churchill was quoted. Music for this episode by U2!

Episode 118 - Jared Abbrederis

If you're the type of person that roots for the underdog and loves a great story about resilience and perseverance...this is the episode for you! The guys were joined this week by Jared Abbrederis a living football legend in the state of Wisconsin! Jared grew up and started playing football in Wautoma, WI a town with a population of about 2200 people. He became a legendary high school track and football athlete even after overcoming a horrific leg injury. Jared was determined at a very young age to play football for the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers. Guess what...he did just that! As a walk-on for the Badgers he ultimately earned a scholarship and numerous other awards and accolades including being referred to by many as the best WR to ever play at Wisconsin. After wrapping up an amazing college career, he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the 5th round of the 2014 draft. Yet another dream realized! To say Jared has the heart of a champion would be an understatement. Shoots is back! John Madden is quoted. Music for this episode by Big & Rich!!!

Episode 117 - Adam Kersnowski & AirWorks

If artificial intelligence (and we're not talking about COG!) and cutting edge technology is your thing, you're not going to want to miss this show! This week the guys spent an insightful hour with Adam Kersnowski the COO of AirWorks. Adam and his good friend David Morczinek, CEO of AirWorks, founded the company in 2017 and have not looked back. Listen to find out why they are experiencing exponential growth having just had their best quarter yet! The AirWorks team continues to impress with outside the box AI applications redefining how data collection and drafting are done. Music for this episode by Pepper!!! 

GeoWeek 2022 Recap - A Geoholics Road Show

It's been our intent from the very beginning to grow the show to the point of taking it "on the road" as they say.  Unfortunately the pandemic has prevented us from doing so the last couple years. BUT...that appears to be behind us now!!! We hope you enjoy these random unscripted interviews recorded in the Bad Elf booth from our two days at GeoWeek 2022! Email us at [email protected] if you'd like The Geoholics to "add value & make friends" at your next event! Music for this episode by Big Block Singsong!!!

Episode 116 - Manny ”All Eyez On” Chee

Another over-achieving, friend-making, value-adding show! The boys were joined this week by the one and only Manny Chee (Selina too)! Manny is a well-respected angler and fishing guide who has spent his life to date fishing and hunting all over the world. He is an expert storyteller having the ability to put you behind the rod, rifle or bow as he shares just a few of his incredible experiences. Some of the items discussed included the influence his father & grandfather had on his passion for the outdoors, challenges & rewards of being a guide, technological advances in the sport(s), ways to prepare and eat various game, "focusing on yourself, king" and more crazy stories than you can shake an arrow at! Jimmy Carter & Ted Nugent were quoted. CO is settling into the co-pilots seat and DD just flew in from CO. Music for this episode by Tupac Amaru Shakur!!!



Episode 115 - Dennis McKay, LS

Dennis McKay, LS...Take 2!!! The guys were "re-joined" this week by Mr. Dennis McKay (Episode 89) who if you remember, originally joined us from his Jeep in a campground in rural CO. Needless to say the audio struggles were real so we invited him back to join us in person. Dennis spent over 30 years as a surveyor at the BLM and has plenty to say about the land survey profession. This time around we discussed acronyms (GCDB/CadNSDI/NRC), the benefits of a multipurpose cadastre, who would build and maintain it, AR/VR and surveying applications, and where all of this goes from here! Dennis is a wealth of knowledge with a cutting edge perspective and we are honored to call him a friend. BS is out...CO is in and DD's head is in the clouds! Music for this episode by Meat Loaf...RIP!

Episode 114 - Charles Hamm ”The Sage of Round Mountain”

DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!!! The boys were honored and humbled by the presence of Mr. Charles Hamm this week. Who is Charles Hamm you ask? Well he is not only the Sage of Round Mountain, but also one of the wisest & humblest gentleman we can now call a friend. Many life lessons were discussed including accepting constructive criticism, feeling inferior, the four golden questions, showing humility and some thoughts about the coming year. Mr. Charles is one of a kind to say the least. Did we mention that he is also the author of the forthcoming book titled "Ponder on it Pilgrims"? BS is settling in to his new role, CO is officially welcomed to the show and DD continues to deal with Omicron brain! Music for this episode by Creedence Clearwater Revival!!! 

Episode 113 - 2021 Year in Review Episode

Thank you…thank you…thank you…and thank you again...what a year! The boys take some time to reflect on the past year revisiting a number of highlights along the way. From Episode 064 all the way through Episode 111 and everything in between! If you’ve been a fan from the “point of beginning” or have just started “following our footsteps”, you’re not going to want to miss this “retracement” of The Geoholics in 2021! In addition, some yuuuuugggeee changes are coming for 2022 and you’re going to want to be the first to know. Music for this episode by the Beatles!

Episode 112 - Brian Owens

We believe that shining a light on safety is the best way possible to kickoff 2022! The guys were joined this week by Brian Owens. Who is Brian Owens you ask...besides being an American hero...he is a husband, father, musician and the author of "Inversion and the Perspective-Based Safety Culture". This is a completely different way of looking at safety that we believe will move you as it did us. Some of the items discussed include avoidable accidents, finding & fixing, risks associated with being reactive vs proactive, the power of perspective-based safety and how it changes habits, pre-employment behavior development, the significance of a compass, and does one-size fit all? PJ reinforces his love for Elon...BS is back in the saddle and DD has holiday brain fog. Brian Owens is quoted. Music for this episode by Pantera!!!

Episode 111 - Rob Kolar

Crypto, Drugs & Rock n Roll...what a way to close out 2021! The guys were joined this week by the one and only Rob Kolar. This was a "bucket list" conversation for DD as he's been a fan of Rob and his band KOLARS for quite some time. This engaging and thought-provoking conversation touched on Rob's unique upbringing & musical journey, ayahuasca & psychedelic exploration, expansion of consciousness, blockchain & crypto currency, NFT's, the metaverse and this thing called life. BS was off this week spending Huddy's college fund in Legoland so Connor O'Gorman, fellow podcaster and all-around great guy, was in the co-pilot seat. Music for this episode by KOLARS!!!

Episode 110 - Tom Hebert, Dinosaur Hunter & Mapper

AKA The Geoholics Christmas Episode. Well...I think it's safe to say that when we started this podcast a couple years ago...we never could have dreamt of having an opportunity to talk to a real dinosaur hunter. This week the boys did just that! Tom Hebert is a paleontologist from Wisconsin who you may know from the October 2021 XHYT article by Jeff Thoreson titled "Breaking Old Ground". This article documented how Tom, his daughter and the folks from Carlson Software are incorporating paleontology and surveying to build a GIS based map of findings and dig sites. Little did Tom know, that this passion was going to turn into what is now nearly a fulltime effort known as FossilPedia. We discussed paleontology vs archaeology, how Tom's love for dinosaur hunting began (thanks to his daughter!), the generosity and belief that Carlson Software had in him and his efforts, why the idea of a GIS based map of paleontological dig is important, how Tom determines the location of the next dinosaur hunt and what he has in store for 2022 and beyond. The guys had their annual Geoholics Xmas gift exchange...PJ bought 3 monkeys...BS saw Santa Claus with a tear in his eye and DD says "Don't be a messy Elf." Some touching Santa Claus quotes were shared. Music for this episode by My Chemical Romance!! Merry Christmas Everyone!! Here is how you can support Tom & FossilPedia:

Episode 109 - Mike Bontrager

Welcome to the Culture Zone! The boys were joined this week by Mike Bontrager. Mike has written a great career story so far having spent over 30 years being a "Culture Warrior" for The Weitz Company and Alston Construction. He has established himself as a "turnaround specialist" having had tremendous success fixing broken companies across the country. The focus was defining corporate culture as establishing what is encouraged, discouraged, accepted, or rejected within a group or team. We talk about where this starts and who is responsible for it, the importance of culture being aligned with strategy and leadership, how leading with culture may be among the few competitive advantages left for companies today and the importance of selecting or developing leaders with a forward-looking strategy and passion for culture. PJ gets analytical...BS gets sick and DD stumps PJ! Gary Vaynerchuk is quoted. Music for this episode by Tom Petty!

Episode 108 - Jason Martschuk & Prostar

You're gonna want to hear about this! The guys sat down this week with Mr. Jason Martschuk the Senior VP of Sales for Prostar ( ProStar is recognized as a world leader in the development of Precision Mapping Solutions specializing in developing patented cloud and mobile solutions. Their flagship product is PointMan, a mapping solution, proven to significantly enhance the workflow processes and business practices associated with the lifecycle management of critical infrastructure both above and below the Earth’s surface. PointMan provides the ability to precisely capture, record, display, and manage critical infrastructure in real-time, including roads, bridges, railways, pipelines, and utilities. Their clients span from Fortune 500 construction companies, utility owners, and government agencies to smaller entities including engineering & surveying firms, municipalities and universities. Jason was the perfect person to answer all of our questions re: this exciting platform. I can't forget to also mention that Jason "enjoys" taking on food challenges having conquered such things as an 80 oz steak in one sitting!! PJ got into an accident...BS got into an accident...DD was an accident (not really...we don't think)! Kevin Hart was quoted. Music for this episode by Beastie Boys! SPECIAL OFFER: IF YOU MENTION THE "GEOHOLICS", JASON & PROSTAR WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH A 6 MONTH FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO POINTMAN!!!

Episode 107 - Claire Buxton, Roshni Sharma & VCSP

All we can say is WOW...these ladies are amazing! The boys were joined this week by Claire Buxton & Roshni Sharma. Claire is a Party Chief, Project Manager, and CAD Coordinator at Underhill Geomatics and theLead of the Volunteer Community Surveyor Program or VCSP (a FIG Young Surveyors Network initiative). Roshni is a Project Manager and Geospatial Analyst for FrontierSI and the Communications and Marketing Lead of the VCSP. If you are like we were before we had this conversation, you are going to come away from it humbled and hopefully motivated to support these ladies and this group of committed and passionate individuals. We discussed the mission of the VCSP, how personally rewarding and character building it is, the positive impact this group is making and how folks just like you can get involved. Claire, Roshni and the VCSP are truly making the world a better place while promoting geomatics around the globe! PJ was in the 'Dale, BS was in the Nerdery and DD was in Sin City. Jim Carrey was quoted. Music for this episode by Gueen!

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