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Help Bridge the Learning Gap in Land Surveying

It takes a long time to develop a well rounded professional.  

For those of you who have successfully run the gauntlet of professional development and have mastered the art and science of land surveying, this is your place and time to put on your thinking caps and do what it takes to help educate.

For those of you who are scholars of the profession, looking for the mentoring you need to make it to the next level in your career, this your place and time to put on your thinking caps and ask the questions you need answered, without fear, and to help you associate yourselves with potential employers.

There are 2 primary forums inside this hub.  One for those who need advice from a land surveying mentor to post questions and ask for advice.  The other is for Mentors to post advice for those new to Land Surveying.



1014 Surveying Mentors and Surveyors
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Week 75: The History of the Original Texas Survey System
Week 74: Horizontal Curves (for the FS / PS or CST exams)
Week 73: Leadership & Leadership Styles
Week 72: A Board of Licensure Case Study
Week 71: Fundamentals of Writing Land Descriptions
Week 70: Drone Office to Field Workflow
Week 69: New Signals in Space – Revisited: An overview of GNSS Technology currently in orbit
Week 68: RTK/RTN User Topics – The evolution and advances in real-time GNSS
Week 67: CFedS Program Update
Week 66: How to reduce liability to you and your business
Week 65: The Dilemma of Ethics?
Week 64: Business Operations as a LLC

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