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Surveying as a Community in Real Life

You may or may not have heard about our recent partnership with  Today, if you visit and click on LSU Member Map in the right hand sidebar, you will see our member map appear.  This is a static version of our member map.  Soon, this will be converted into a dynamic surveyors map which updates every time you update your status on Land Surveyors United.  So, for example, if you are surveying in Cape Town South Africa and you update your status, say from your mobile device ( you will be able to see it show up in Africa.  It will be like the entire community is 'surveying together'.   The same will go for photos and videos uploaded to the network, so please pay special attention to geolocating your uploaded media.  If you already have photos uploaded to the network, you can simply go back and edit them to include geolocation and detailed descriptions.


I don't believe that I need to tell you that this is yet another first-of-its-kind breakthrough for the surveying industry.  And it will become a valuable feature as Land Surveyors University progresses.


If you haven't yet began experimenting with the all new Land Surveyors United "Mobile Rover", i encourage you to give it a try.  Our mobile version works on all devices and makes it incredibly simple to interact with your location based group forums and share information right from the field.


Tips for Ensuring Your Information on the Member Map is Correct:

~Head over to your profile settings and make sure your location is correct.  It should either be in Lat/Long (which you can get from our Geopicker) or City/State/Country

~Be sure to tell the other surveyors a bit about yourself so that your place marker isn't blank

~Post status updates from your mobile device often and when you upload photos, tell us as much information as you can regarding the subject and location of the photo.

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Surveyor Chat Comes to Mobile Rover

Happy Holidays Land Surveyors!  This is just a quick note to let you all know that we now have the Chat feature and Surveyor Sky Lounge on the Surveyor's Mobile Rover (  You can find it by heading over to this link or find it inside the navigation on the mobile interface.  This should work on any and every mobile device including tablets.  What better way to stay connected with the network during your time off?

If you have still yet to explore the mobile version of Land Surveyors United, take a look at the Complete Mobile Rover Features Overview

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New Rules for Level Mission Completion:

In our beta phase of Land Surveyors University, we had a dedicated form for members to fill out once they completed a mission. We will no longer be using this form as we have come to the conclusion that it creates needless confusion for some and it is difficult to navigate from our mobile interface. Now the rules have changed and this will remain the format for submitting levels through the year. I am going to attempt to be as clear and concise as possible so that this translates into other languages with clarity.


1)To submit evidence of a completed level, you must Start a New Discussionwithin the group forum of the level you are completing.

                             For example: For Level One, you must start a new discussion here.  For Level Two, you would start a new discussion here. And so on, through all ten levels.


2)Your photos and videos accompanying your submission must be found within your post, with the descriptions of how you accomplished the mission written inside along with your media.

                             For example: If you took photos or video of your development project for Level One Mission, you would Start a new post, Give it a good title, Describe the site, plan of action and then upload the photos and videos inside the post. Be sure to note the location and any sorts of obstacles such as environmental challenges that you anticipate with surveying this hypothetical site. Simple right?


3)Finally, you must provide the subject tag for the particular level you are submitting.

                            For Example:If you are submitting evidence for Level One of Land Surveyors University, tag your post with 'levelone' without the ''. For Level Two, you will tag your post with 'leveltwo' without the ''.  All tags are comma separated.


This will be the format for all Ten Levels of Land Surveyors University. It will ensure that you have as much room as needed to describe your mission and evidence and it will prevent anything from being lost in a form submission.

What's the Point of Land Surveyors University?

In brief, we are building a framework for Ten Levels of Experience, a body of knowledge, that a Professional Land Surveyors or Geospatial Professional involved with surveying should have in order to consider themselves to be a Level Ten land surveyor.  In order to look at this process accurately, we must have submissions from every area on earth, as surveyors in different parts of the world are more or less experienced with certain aspects than others. Submitting evidence places your completion of each level up for review by your fellow members.  The number of views, shares and likes that you receive will translate to points.  Your points are cumulative and add up through the various levels. You must complete each level to receive invitation to the next level.  Those with the most points at each level along the way are awarded prizes from our sponsors based on points and performance.  The winner will be the member who completes Level Ten with the most points. That winner will receive a new GPS unit to use on Survey Earth in a Day 2.0 on June 21st (solstice 2013).  All of your submissions will become material from which other surveyors can learn from until the end of time. I hope you all will participate and become better at what you do, through helping your fellow land surveyors learn more.

 Do it for yourself

 Do it for your industry

 Do it for the future

 Do it for the future of your industry


If you have any questions or concerns, please write me. Good luck Surveyors!


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Hello Surveyors,

1198839102?profile=originalWe could really benefit from your help. As our community continues to grow at a rapid rate (currently over 15,600 members globally) and we discuss all kinds of topics related to land surveying, we are starting to need some help with moderation in the location based group forums. While Land Surveyors United forums want to encourage free speech and thought provoking ideas, occasionally abusive people can interrupt our conversations with unnecessary language, bitterness or personal vendettas. Land Surveyors United is seeking out several great moderators. These moderators should be active members of the forums who can view topics and discussion from an unbiased perspective.


The most important part of being a group moderator is to build a small community within your group which keeps everyone in your locality up to speed on Surveying laws, protect others from cyber bullying and keep the conversation in action without unnecessary abuse or name calling. Although we have very little of this occurring on the network it is still good practice to have someone in place.

Apply to Become a Local Leader

Moderation involves the following tasks and can be accomplished easily in your spare time:

  • Reporting Surveying News for your area inside your group discussions
  • Inviting your local surveyors to the group and building a micro-community
  • Sharing useful links with your fellow surveyors in your area
  • Adding local surveyor events and projects to your group

Things You Can Do To Your Group as Moderator

  • Stream live Events using Video
  • Add Pages with Resources, Links, Projects and Products
  • Change the Icon and Background For Your Group
  • Promote Companies and Associations Which Your Value Locally
  • Be the first to know about new features coming to Land Surveyors United
  • much much more...


Benefits Are Growing Daily! For starters you will have access to this exclusive group for Local Leaders of Surveying and you will get your own email address, 7GB of free space on Skydrive and have your name placed inside our Organization Structure . In the future we hope to award continuing education credits to Local Leaders in the network.


Apply to Become a Local Leader

If you are already a real-life local leader for your area such as an Association President or Board Leader, please let us know so that we can promote your status through the group. If you have any questions, please send Justin a message. Thank you for your time and interest in helping to make Land Surveyors United even stronger!

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Party Chief

Don't get lost in the shuffle

In a global network with thousands of surveyors from all over the world, its easy to feel lost, but even easier to stand out!  This is a quick tip for making yourself standout from the crowd and tell other surveyors in the network a bit about your background and what you do.  This should take less than five minutes.


Learn a bit of HTML While Introducing Yourself

The following template is a simple cut and replace, copy and paste HTML snippet for you to use for an easy introduce yourself post in the forums and it can double as the text you can insert into the Text Box on your profile page.  Simply copy and paste the following code into a notepad txt document or download it and edit to your liking.  When you're finished editing, simply paste it into a forum post to introduce yourself to the network or/and add it to your empty text box found within your profile. Replace the links in red with your own links.  For best results, leave the HTML tags like <h3> in tact but feel free to delete or add to this in anyway that you wish.


<p><strong>Hi I'm <a
Surveyor</a>!</strong> I have been
a professional land surveyor for 120 years and work at a small company
in Florida called <a href=""><span
style="text-decoration: underline;">Big Daddy Surveyors</span></a>
I joined Land
Surveyors United in order to find other surveyors around the world and
build my personal network. &nbsp;I also hope to build my reputation
online by showing others who may be interested how to perform route
<p>I have some of my professional work to show you and a few
photos showing the types of environments that I work in in Florida</p>
<li><a href="">Services
We Offer at my Company</a></li>
<li><a href="">As-Built
<li><a href="">Construction
<p>I've also got a little surveying blog with great <a
at the site!</p>
<h3>Where to Find Me</h3>
<p>I'd love to get to know you better. Connect with me online
<p>Blog: <a href="">My
Surveying Blog</a><br>
Facebook: <a href=""></a><br>
Twitter: <a href=""></a><br>

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Put Your Game Face On for Survey Earth in a Day

Put On Your Game Face

With Survey Earth in a Day (June 20th), International Surveyors Week (17th-23rd) and Land Surveyors University relaunching on 21st, your profile and placement on the global members mapwill be on display for the world and this will be a great time to build and increase your geospatial network!


Your Profile Questions Become Your Map Marker

Answers to the profile questions found inside the backend of your profilecreate the information inside your marker on the member map. Also, the placement of your icon relates to the accuracy of your profile's location field. So this is the time to update your profile and tighten up your professional credentials.


To edit answers to your profile questions:

Head to Settings> Edit Profile Information

Add your Social Profiles for Quick Status Updates in LSU Mobile:

Head to Settings> Connections


Adding Yourself to a Member Category

Justin has added the ability to tell the network which member category you care to be classified in, such as Student, Publications Rep, Vendor, ect. Simply answer this (Membership Status) question inside your profile to be correctly grouped. This will allow you to quickly be found inside the Member Categories Subnavigation on the site.


Use the Geopicker to Add Your Lat/Long Geolocation

Add your geolocation to the final question in your profile answers so that your member profile shows up in the correct location on the member map. At the very least, please do this so that our Maps Administrator (G. Breisch) can easily map you correctly.


Land Surveyors United is the largest geospatial network on the planet. Your profile should be considered a professional resume, as it is your standing representation of your experience and passions as a geospatial professional. On June 19th, we will be making an all inclusive update to the Global Mamber Map before Survey Earth in a Day, so please take 5 minutes and update this information and we'll do the rest.


Stay tuned for an update of requirements and instructions for Survey Earth in a Day on Friday! If you have not done so, please log in with any device to the Land Surveyors United Mobile at some point this week and familiarize yourself with the navigation and try posting a status update from the field to see how it all works.

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How to Add Google Authorship To Your Posts

As you probably know by now, Land Surveyors United Network has as one of its primary goals to help professional land surveyors maintain and build bulletproof reputations online.  With that said, it is high time for you to claim ownership of all of your wonderful stories and articles here on the network. On way to do this is to tell Google that you wrote what you wrote.  Here is how to do just this.

Google now routinely highlights author information in search results. For instance, if you are looking for gadget reviews on Google and one of the search results is pointing to a column by David Pogue, you might also see a thumbnail image of Pogue – picked from Google Profile – next to the snippet. Google may also display the circle authorityin case that author has a presence on Google Plus.


Here’s an illustrated tutorialon how you may display your own profile picture in Google search results next to articles that you may have written on your website or on someone else’s website. You need to create a Google+ profile and then link it your website using the rel=”author” markup.


It takes some effort to implement the authorship markup and the other big hurdle is that it requires you to edit the HTML code of your website. Some authors may find it too technical while others, think guest contributors, may not have access to the site template at all. Fortunately, there’s now a simpler optionas well.



You can Setup Google Authorship using Work Email

Instead of modifying HTML templates, you can just include your name and email address on a web page (using the mailto syntax) and Google will automatically connect it to your Google Profile. Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to your Google Profile, page, click the Edit Profilebutton and then add a Work email. Make sure that the visibility of this email address is set to “Anyone on the web.”

Step 2: Click Verify to verify your email address. You’ll then see a little “tick mark” next to your email address in Google Plus – see example.

Step 3:Next open any of your web articles that you would like to “claim” in Google Search and add either of these two lines in your article:


Option 1: Use both email address and name together <a href="">LSU Justin</a>

Option 2: Link the author's name to his Google+ page Send <a href="">LSU Justin</a> an email at <a href=""></a>

The important point is that all web pages, that you have authored, should include your name and your “work” email address that you previously verified in Google Plus. That is the only signal Google can use to verify your content ownership.

You may also like to include one or the other inside your TEXT box on your Land Surveyors United Profile

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How To Accept Your Credly Digital Awards

You may have already received an email with a new digital badge acknowledging that you are a member of the network and opening up the possibility and your ability to receive digital rewards from Land Surveyors United for participation and help of your fellow surveyors around the world.  This post will show you how to accept these awards through Credly and how to set up your account.

That First Badge Looks Like This:

Why Should You Care?

Over the next couple of weeks leading up to International Surveyors Week 2015 and Survey Earth in a Day 4D, we will be awarding digital badges to those surveyors who participate in the celebrations.  These digital badges will become very important when we move to our new community platform and will save you money on products and instruments that you purchase in the future.  

New Badges to Earn and Claim

Upload your PSA to Receive the PSA Excellence Award [Post]

Participate in Survey Earth in a Day 4D [Post on SEIAD]

Check your email

Check your email

You will receive an email notification that you have received a digital badge.

Open Credly badge

Open Credly badge

Click on Save & Share to open Credly badge.

Login to Credly

Login to Credly

Once on the Credly site, click on "Login to Save & Share".

Create a Credly account

Create a Credly account

Click on the Sign up link to create a Credly account.

Enter account details

Enter account details

Enter your account details and click Sign Up Now.

Confirm your email address

Confirm your email address

You will be prompted to return to your email account to confirm the Credly account you just created.

Confirm Credly account

Confirm Credly account

Click on the link in the confirmation email to confirm your Credly account.

Open Credly Account Settings

Open Credly Account Settings

Before managing your Credly badge. Click on Account Settings in the upper right-hand corner.

Add services to your Credly Account

Add services to your Credly Account

Add social settings to your account. This will make it easy for you to share your digital badge with others on your favorite social networks.

Open My Credit

Open My Credit

Select My Credit from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner.

View Earned Badge

View Earned Badge

You will see your Level 1 CAT badge under the "Earned" tab.

Manage Badge

Manage Badge

Mouse over the badge and click on Manage to view the badge.

View Badge Details

View Badge Details

In the expanded view of the badge, you will be able to Make Instructure a Trusted Issuer [1]. Please do this! Click on the share icon [2] to share your badge with others.

Select Social Network

Select Social Network

Select one of the social networks you have already connected to with your Credly account.

Manage Categories

Manage Categories

Click on the Categories tab.

Add New Category

Add New Category

Click Add Category to create a new category for your badge. You might call it "Education Technology","Training", or "eLearning"

Add Badge to Category

Add Badge to Category

Return to the expanded view of your badge. Now you will be able to add the badge to one of your categories.

Copy Embed Code for a Category of Badges

Copy Embed Code for a Category of Badges

Return to the Categories tab in My Credit. Click on the </> link. Select the number of badges you would like to display, a tile pattern, and click "Get Embed Code". Copy this embed code into any page that accepts HTML iframes to display the badges you have earned.

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What's New in LSU?

We move pretty fast around here at Land Surveyors United!  Below  you will find some of our newest additions and links to news about the group.  Stay up to date and let us know if there's something we should have noticed.





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Surveyors in the United States might like to check out and join their group forum for their state.  We've got all 50 state groups with members already in them and ready to discuss any and all aspects of land surveying in each state.  Considering the chaos with the ACSM and NSPS, it's time to show the state boards that the National voice they are looking for is already here!  Please support this national voice for land surveyors and tell your state board what they are missing..namely, integrated social media, events for states, deep group discussion, broadcast messaging for all group members, customized pages for promotion, integrated Facebook news channels from their pages, the list goes on and on. Group forums even carry the possibility of group stores with online checkout.  Creating a unified surveying and geospatial community for the nation cannot happen effectively through the use of 50 different URLs all pointing back to the same place.  That is trickery.  It must happen all in one place under the same address- a place where all surveyors can go to find local surveying discussions for all 50 states with a single click.  That place is right here: Land Surveyors United

Land Surveyors United has had these groups for each state for over a year and a half [see blog post], so each group is already ranking HIGH in the search engines.  Best of all, they are all under one roof-Land Surveyors United.  You won't need to visit a bunch of silly URLs which take you back to the same old blah website. Each group is completely customized (and customizable) to fit the needs of surveyors in that state.  Tell your local board of directors that the place for a national voice to occur is on Land Surveyors United and we are here to stay!

Surveying Group Forums for US State Boards and Associations



















MontanaNebraskaNevadaNew Hampshire

New Jersey


New Mexico

New YorkNorth CarolinaNorth Dakota




PennsylvaniaRhode IslandSouth CarolinaSouth Dakota





West Virginia




In the works!

Countries in Europe, AfricaAsia and South America

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Surveying Network Updates April 2011

I was planning on waiting until sunday to release this broadcast message, but just couldn't wait to tell you about these new updates on Land Surveyors United! So here we go...

With these new upgrades, you'll be able to organize all your favorite footage, pics, and discussions into one simple area, customize your web presence and fine tune the look and feel of your place in the world of surveying..

The New "iLike" button: About a month ago, we introduced a new LSU 'iLike' button along with a Facebook 'like' button. These two features together made Land Surveyors United a million times better, however, they were only available for certain areas of the site. But not anymore! Now you can 'like' content no matter you are on the website. This includes videos, photos, discussions, and even profile pages. Also, you can now keep track of each item you 'like' on your personal "My Likes" page in a much more organized way.When your on the site, look for your own personal 'likes' page in the navigation under 'My Page.' Pretty cool, right?It even tells you what you liked by month...your likes

New Design Studio for Your Profile You can now customize the appearance of your profile page! Just head over to your profile and click on "Customize My Page" right underneath your profile photo. You'll be able to edit colors, font, background images, and even add custom CSS coding for any of you nerds out there! This is also a huge upgrade to the network and will give your profile a much more personal feel. It will also give you more flexibility for customizing your profile to match the branding of your surveying company or simply express yourself artistically. Go wild or keep it simple..the sky is the limit!

find your friendsInstantly Find Surveyors Who Are Already Your Friends in One Click: There have been some great changes to the Recruit Page on the network, now providing you with the ability to instantly search your email address for contacts already on the network. Simply pick the type of email you use, sign in (we do not store your info) and it automagically scans your contacts for surveyors who are already on the network and connects you as friends. Who knows, there may be 30 other surveyors you know in real life that are on the network and you didn't even know. This is how things get interesting. We're the only network made by surveyors for surveyors that allows you to upload and consolidate all of your surveying knowledge, interests and colleagues into one easy location. Thanks for your support, participation and contributions to the future of land surveying.

Surveying Directory: I want to help your businesses and projects grow and this is finally directorycoming together. I hope to finally finish the surveying directory over the weekend so stay tuned for a HUGE update on this early next week. This has been an interesting task which has taken longer than I had anticipated, but you can follow the progress on that page (which will be the first of several pages I am assembling). Donations to Land Surveyors United in any amount are always welcome, encouraged and much appreciated.

And that wraps up this week's message broadcast. Thanks for reading and we hope you appreciate all the hard work put into Land Surveyors United. I hope you have a terrific holiday weekend, surveyors!

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Party Chief

Surveying How-to and Tutorial Quick Links

land survey how-to links

Surveying How-to and Tutorial Quick Links

Search Land Surveyors United Photo Archive for "How-to" and Tutorials in Photos

Surveying "How-to" Photos

Surveying Tutorial Photos

Search Land Surveyors United Video Library for "How-to" and Tutorial Videos

Surveying "How-to" Videos 

Surveying "Tutorial Videos

Search Land Surveyors United Discussion Forum for "How-to" and Tutorial Discussions

Land Surveying "How-to" Discussion Topics

Land Surveying "Tutorial" Discussion Topics

Search Land Surveyors United Articles Feed for "How-to" and Tutorial Articles

All Surveying Articles Tagged "How-to"
All Surveying Articles Tageed "Tutorial"



Don't forget the Surveying How-to Support Group!

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How to Set up a Wild T-16 Theodolite


1. Set instrument over point by securing one leg of the Tripod in the ground and holding the
other two legs, sight through the Optical Plummet and move cross hairs over point.
2. Loosening the locking screw under Tripod, sight through the Optical Plummet and moving
cross hairs directly over the point, tighten locking screw.” i
3. Level the Bullseye Bubble by moving Tripod legs up and down.
4. Reset instrument over point (Step 2) if necessary.
5. Level instrument using Leveling Screws and Level Vial. Place Level Vial parallel to two of
the three Leveling Screws and level instrument by turning screws in opposite directions
simultaneously. Rotate instrument 90° (or perpendicular to the two leveling screws) and level
instrument using third Leveling Screw only. Repeat as necessary until instrument is level.
6. Reset instrument over point (Step 2) if necessary.
7. Zero the instrument by sighting through the Reading Microscope, rotate the instrument with
the Toggle up until 0° shows on the yellow AZ scale. Lock the Horizontal Motion Lock and
fine tune with the Horizontal Motion Screw until the 0° mark lines up with the 0 on the lower
portion of the yellow AZ scale (arrow pointing to the right). Flip Toggle down.
8. BACKSIGHTINGZ With the Toggle down. Sight the backsight target by releasing the
Horizontal Motion Lock, turn the instrument, place the cross hairs on the target, lock the
Horizontal Motion Lock and fine tune using the Horizontal Motion Screw.
9. TURNING A HORIZONTAL ANGLE RIGHT: Flip Toggle up. Release the Horizontal Motion
Lock, turn the instrument to the foresight target, lock the Horizontal Motion Lock and fine
tune the cross hairs onto the target with the Horizontal Motion Screw.
10. Sight through the Reading Microscope. Read the Degrees, minutes and seconds on the
lower scale of the yellow AZ scale corresponding to the black line.

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How to Get More Clients as a Land Surveyor

If I were someone else, I would start this post off by telling you that I am going to tell you something that you do not already know, surveyors.  But the truth of the matter is you do already know the secret I am about to layout for you. Namely, photos and videos on the web are your friends.

Think about it. Why do people hire you? They hire you because they have EGOS. Lets face it – EGOS SELL. If I want my property to look better than the property down the road, I hire the best surveyor to make sure everything is in order. That’s YOU.


How to Promote Your Land Surveying Business for FREE and get More Clients

The progress of social media may seem like bullshit to many of you, but there are a couple of simple ways to take advantage of this situation. Let's just pretend that it isn't bullshit for a second. Ok, so now you're in a different camp, away from your fellow surveyors who all still believe that social media is snake oil and lemons.  So now, Mr. Open minded let's look at this situation for a second in a different light.  So maybe it isn't about social media at all....its about promoting your business using social channels.  


Want to use social media to GET MORE CLIENTS and make more money? Do what many of your competitors will never do, because social media is bullshit right? First, go out and buy a good digital camera/video camera then use it and love it. Then learn to use it, and shoot  projects that you’ve done in the past!  Even better, put those new photos with images of the property before you started working on it (if you have them) and demonstrate some before and after results.  


So many land surveyors out there have NOTHING to back up what they’ve done because they have nothing to show for it – YOU DO!  You, the social media savvy surveyor that you are have your clients and your work!  Not only is there no way for that to be taken from you, but if you document it and spread it around through your channels, it can only make you more money and solidify your authority at being the best in your area at what you do.


It's a three step process.

1) Capture your work.

2) Upload your photos or video to a reputable network which search engines know is strictly land surveying related.

3) Title, detailed descriptions including location and most importantly, subject tags (such as your town, state, region, etc.).


Did you layout that shopping mall you shop at on Saturdays? Shoot it!   Stake out the first stages (or all stages) of a subdivision in your town? Video it! Post it on Land Surveyors United, and let people see it! Let the search engines find it and shove it to the top of search engines when "land surveyor" is searched for in your local area.    Add tags for your state, country or town and they automagically show up in your local state group on the network.  When potential clients are searching for surveyors who do amazing work in your area, guess who's photos are at the top of search???  Yours.   That’s REAL WORLD social media because you’ve done it and are sharing it!  That’s truth. Go forth and spread it, most awesome land surveyor!


IT’S NOT ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA, IT’S ABOUT SHOWING THINGS YOU’VE DONE THAT WILL BRING NEW PAYING CLIENTS.  This network is your network. Use it to make your surveying life more productive and by all means, promote your hard work and make more money.  Nothing is holding you back but yourself.  


Need Proof That Social Media Isn't Bullshit?

Many of you may know of a site similar in MANY MANY respects to this network, which I will not link to at this time, as who it is remains beside the point.  Said site was completely constructed under the professed notion that social media is bad, aiming to capture the attention of all of those other guys who think its BS.   However, in recent times, this site has completely changed its stance on the issue, by going (what many web designers and search engine gurus might consider) overboard, trying to wire each and every aspect of the site so as to tap into social media powers.  In all actuality, said site's owner was merely trying to grab the demographic of land surveyors out there who are intimidated by social media, only to throw it back in their faces.  Don't believe the media is here to stay for at least the rest of the time any of us are left on earth.  Land Surveyors United has always been about teaching ways to use this to your advantage and improving your business and life as a land surveyor.  Let the nah-sayers continue to claim that social media is bullshit- you should agree with them.  And then go out and use it to become richer and build a stellar reputation using it.


The Best Part About the Bullshit

The best part about all of this is this: Land Surveyors United does most of the work for you.  Once you've uploaded and properly optimized the descriptions of your work, with the click of a button, it can instantly be sent out to the most important social media channels for you such as facebook, twitter, email etc.  There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be the first land surveyor that someone finds when they are searching for surveying businesses in your area.

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Surveying Software Company | Microsurvey


Company Website | Training

Company Information:

Land surveyors, construction professionals and civil engineers using total stations, GPS, and data collectors use our desktop and handheld software to increase efficiency and productivity.

Our Products
  • PointCloud CAD 2010
  • MicroSurvey® CAD and inCAD
  • MicroSurvey FieldGenius 2010
  • MicroSurvey STAR*NET


Visit the Social Support Group for Microsurvey and share your experiences with other surveyors around the globe.

Other Resources from this Company:

MicroSurvey sells the industries most powerful, rugged and reliable data collectors. When battery life and functionality are paramount, we choose only the best data collectors available. Choose from the Nautiz X7 by Handheld or Juniper Systems Archer and Allegro.

The MapScenes® System, developed by MicroSurvey, is the premiere software solution for law enforcement professionals doing crime and accident reconstruction and animation.

OfficeSync® is an easy to use service that enables field crews to transmit files directly to the office without leaving the job site. It works in both ways. The office can send stakeout jobs, or any other files, directly to their field crews with the click of a button.

More Product Info Here

back to surveying company directory
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Party Chief

Update: Search Surveying Articles by Tag

Have you ever wanted to quickly find an article on the network based on its subject tag (for example, surveying equipment)?  Well now you can with the click of a button.  The next time you are browsing the Articles section of Land Surveyors United, look for a nifty new drop-down feature placed right beside the search box. This feature will allow you to find all posts tagged with a handful of the more popular topics on the network.

If you would like for your submitted articles to show up within one of these tags, be sure to add it to the subject tags section of your post before submitting it to the network.

Surveying Articles by Category

Soon to come with this functionality:

More tags and Subject Categories

Same functionality for Forums and Groups

UPDATE UPDATE:  Now You Can Search for Surveying Videos by Tag Too!

Surveying Videos by Category

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Surveyor Apps and Tools

Land Surveyor Apps Suite

The following mobile web apps can be added as a shortcut to your phone or data collector's home screen for quick access from the field- no software to install.

Apps for All Land Surveyors

Surveyor Dictionary App

Surveying Videos App

Apps for Employment Seekers

Surveying Jobs Search App

Surveyor Resume Pool For Recruiters

Apps for Surveying Equipment

Equipment Hunter App

Survey Equipment Support App

Apps for Connecting with Surveyors Locally

United States Land Surveyors Hubs

International Surveyors Hubs