How to Get More Clients as a Land Surveyor

If I were someone else, I would start this post off by telling you that I am going to tell you something that you do not already know, surveyors.  But the truth of the matter is you do already know the secret I am about to layout for you. Namely, photos and videos on the web are your friends.

Think about it. Why do people hire you? They hire you because they have EGOS. Lets face it – EGOS SELL. If I want my property to look better than the property down the road, I hire the best surveyor to make sure everything is in order. That’s YOU.


How to Promote Your Land Surveying Business for FREE and get More Clients

The progress of social media may seem like b******* to many of you, but there are a couple of simple ways to take advantage of this situation. Let's just pretend that it isn't b******* for a second. Ok, so now you're in a different camp, away from your fellow surveyors who all still believe that social media is snake oil and lemons.  So now, Mr. Open minded let's look at this situation for a second in a different light.  So maybe it isn't about social media at all....its about promoting your business using social channels.  


Want to use social media to GET MORE CLIENTS and make more money? Do what many of your competitors will never do, because social media is b******* right? First, go out and buy a good digital camera/video camera then use it and love it. Then learn to use it, and shoot  projects that you’ve done in the past!  Even better, put those new photos with images of the property before you started working on it (if you have them) and demonstrate some before and after results.  


So many land surveyors out there have NOTHING to back up what they’ve done because they have nothing to show for it – YOU DO!  You, the social media savvy surveyor that you are have your clients and your work!  Not only is there no way for that to be taken from you, but if you document it and spread it around through your channels, it can only make you more money and solidify your authority at being the best in your area at what you do.


It's a three step process.

1) Capture your work.

2) Upload your photos or video to a reputable network which search engines know is strictly land surveying related.

3) Title, detailed descriptions including location and most importantly, subject tags (such as your town, state, region, etc.).


Did you layout that shopping mall you shop at on Saturdays? Shoot it!   Stake out the first stages (or all stages) of a subdivision in your town? Video it! Post it on Land Surveyors United, and let people see it! Let the search engines find it and shove it to the top of search engines when "land surveyor" is searched for in your local area.    Add tags for your state, country or town and they automagically show up in your local state group on the network.  When potential clients are searching for surveyors who do amazing work in your area, guess who's photos are at the top of search???  Yours.   That’s REAL WORLD social media because you’ve done it and are sharing it!  That’s truth. Go forth and spread it, most awesome land surveyor!


IT’S NOT ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA, IT’S ABOUT SHOWING THINGS YOU’VE DONE THAT WILL BRING NEW PAYING CLIENTS.  This network is your network. Use it to make your surveying life more productive and by all means, promote your hard work and make more money.  Nothing is holding you back but yourself.  


Need Proof That Social Media Isn't B*******?

Many of you may know of a site similar in MANY MANY respects to this network, which I will not link to at this time, as who it is remains beside the point.  Said site was completely constructed under the professed notion that social media is bad, aiming to capture the attention of all of those other guys who think its BS.   However, in recent times, this site has completely changed its stance on the issue, by going (what many web designers and search engine gurus might consider) overboard, trying to wire each and every aspect of the site so as to tap into social media powers.  In all actuality, said site's owner was merely trying to grab the demographic of land surveyors out there who are intimidated by social media, only to throw it back in their faces.  Don't believe the media is here to stay for at least the rest of the time any of us are left on earth.  Land Surveyors United has always been about teaching ways to use this to your advantage and improving your business and life as a land surveyor.  Let the nah-sayers continue to claim that social media is b*******- you should agree with them.  And then go out and use it to become richer and build a stellar reputation using it.


The Best Part About the B*******

The best part about all of this is this: Land Surveyors United does most of the work for you.  Once you've uploaded and properly optimized the descriptions of your work, with the click of a button, it can instantly be sent out to the most important social media channels for you such as facebook, twitter, email etc.  There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be the first land surveyor that someone finds when they are searching for surveying businesses in your area.

Last updated by Jaybird Sep 23, 2014.

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