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NEW!  Try Surveyor App Suite on Your Internet Enabled Data Collector

Yesterday, I received a call from a community member who has been using the Surveyor App Suite on his Trimble TSC7 Data Collector and he says he loves it!   It made me wonder what other internet enabled Data Collectors for land surveyors will support loading the apps.   Let's see how well our new apps work on Data Collectors!
Who out there has access to an internet enabled Data Collector with a web browser?

Mobile Apps on Land Surveying Data Collectors

I need a few screenshots or picture of this app loaded onto the browser of the data collector.  Let's create a comprehensive list of all modern data collectors that the App Suite can be used on.

Try This:

Step One:  Go to your internet browser in your data collector and type in the following URL

Step Two:  When the app loads, click "Add to Homescreen" button at the bottom and see if it adds a shortcut to your device's home screen.

Step Three:  Snap a photo of the app loaded on your screen and upload it to the comments below and tell us what data collector model you are using. 

Thank you for your help with this experiment.  . You can try any of the apps on this page if you like

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