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Last Call for January Raffle Tickets - WIN WIN WIN!

Win Surveyor Raffle

This is a final call for our Raffle Drawing for January, which happens on Sunday the 31st.  All member numbers are current and up to date.  This means that you just have until tomorrow night at 8pm EST to convert your Member Number into a Raffle Ticket.  

***This month you can win a one of a kind Mega Party Safety Pack from Safety Apparel and other prizes from our Land Surveyors United Gift Shop.


Raffle Tickets are our new Membership and our chance at community financial sustainability..  Raffle tickets help us pay the bills of the community while giving back to those who give back!  Purchase a raffle ticket and get unrestricted membership access to everything the community has to offer,for free.   

What does my raffle ticket get me? Your activated member number gains you access to tools inside the community that we can no longer provide for free users. Your raffle ticket is a subscription for 12 chances to win in 2021 with new sponsors each month.  Access to areas of the community, tools, resources and apps not available for those who do not yet support the financial costs of the community.  Not only that, but a portion of every raffle ticket goes to the Skip Farrow Foundation with a goal to send surveyors to school every year.  For just $50/year, you could win BIG while supporting the future of our surveying community.  Where else can $50 get you so much for an entire year while supporting so many land surveyors around the world?  

January Sponsor: Safety Apparel

February Sponsor: Survipod

March Sponsor:  Tiger Supplies  

Why do you have different levels for Raffle Tickets?  By purchasing more than one ticket, you will be sponsoring the community access of a surveyor who cannot afford membership.  It is your choice to either keep the Raffle ticket and own their number for a year or give it to the member you sponsor.  It is entirely up to you.

View the entire Raffle FAQ

Big Boss:


Please tell us if you are a Student, Retired Surveyor or member who cannot afford membership and we will try to match you with a sponsor.  I cannot afford membership form is where you tell us your member number so we can match you and whitelist your member number, so you can continue to access all areas of the community.

Those with activated Raffle Tickets will be whitelisted to tune into the Live Stream on Sunday night through the LSU Raffle App or on our Youtube ChannelFollow us on Twitter for up to date reports on the winner!

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Monthly Surveyor Raffle

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Important Information about Your Member Number and Raffle Number

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Your Land Surveyors United account is now associated with a Member #. Your Member # will now become your Raffle # for an entire year, when you elevate the status of your account as a sustaining member. Your member number is based on the order in which you joined us. It's good to know your Member # for many reasons but most importantly because it will sting if we draw your # during the monthly raffle drawing and you didn't know you won. Remember it, because you will have at least 12 chances to win the monthly Raffle, via live stream on the last day of every month, as owner of it. Remember it because we need you to tell us your Member # at check out when you subscribe to Basic Membership or higher on Land Surveyors United Community. Remember it because it might be the Golden Ticket in one of those 12 monthly raffle drawings every year. Remember it because you will need your Member Raffle Number to claim the monthly Raffle Prize, if your number is drawn. Remember it because it now literally saves you money anytime you mention your Member number while doing business with any of our community Smarketplace Vendors. Only those Sustaining Members who have upgraded to Basic Membership or higher are eligable to win the monthly Raffle Prize.
Before moving to the next section, Use this search engine to find your Membership number for Monthly Membership Raffle . Learn more about benefits of membership on Land Surveyors United.Add the upcoming Raffle Drawing Events to your calendar because you have an entire year of raffle prizes to look forward to. If you cannot afford membership, we may possibily be able to match you with a sponsor. In order to avoid restricted access to members only resources, courses, apps and tools, you must Tell Us Your Member Number here so that we can try to help you. Note: We update the member numbers on the 15th of the month and the day before the last day of the month (day before any raffle). If you joined recently, check back on the 16th or after the first as we assign new numbers every two weeks and the day before a raffle.

Frequently Asked Questions Raffle and Membership
Choose Your Membership Level -Activate Raffle #
I Cannot Afford Membership

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