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Tiger Supplies provides contractors, engineers and surveyors with the tools they need to execute their projects. We offer a price variety in all product lines to meet your budget. At the same time we are the premiere online retailer of brands such as Topcon™, Leica Geosytems , Spectra Precision® and more. Tiger Supplies hosts a stocked warehouse of top of the line construction lasers, total stations, theodolites, and GPS. Looking forward to serving you - Tiger Supplies.

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Hello All,I hope everyone is doing well this morning, I want to give this a try. Select a picture that you're willing to share with us, but try to show us something exciting. To start, I'll post one of my pictures in the comment box, so that you guys can't say I didn't play along. So don't be a party pooper and not participate. Go ahead, post your picture and show us what you got..... GO!       

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1 Reply · Reply by Roof Sweatte Sep 23, 2020
Land Surveyor

Hello All,

Hello guys, my name is Roof Sweatte from Tiger Supplies, a company looked upon as an online super-store. We are really excited to join this community to engage, learn, and ultimately work closely with you all to strengthen our community. It is important to us that you know that we value your opinion and have a short survey for you that should take under 2 minutes. We are asking surveyors a few questions to get a pulse on the industry. See what your other fellow surveyors have to say! We thank…

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1 Reply · Reply by Roof Sweatte Sep 15, 2020

Surveyors Go To Tripod?

What’s up guys! We are curious as to what your favorite Tripod is to use out in the field?From the staff on hand, our pick is Topcon’s TP-15. The construction is heavy duty with a unqiue finish that feels silky smooth to the touch. In addition, the tripod is unique because the legs have two brackets instead of one making it way more stable than most tripods out there. Furthermore, we love the fact that the tripod head is a circle instead of a triangle giving you much more room to adjust your…

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