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Have you switched companies in the past 15 years? How to Get Member Number

Our community will soon turn 15 years old and a question that I am getting more and more is "I no longer work at the company that I worked at when I signed up, so I no longer have that email - what do I do?"

Have you switched companies in the past 15 years?

If so, you may be having trouble getting into your Land Surveyors United account, especially if you used an old company email to log- in. The problem arises when you can no longer access your account because you cannot reset and confirm any new password.

Fixing The Problem, If you remember your old password

This is simple, if you remember the password. Although you can no longer access your old email, all you need to do is sign in to the community using it and the password. Once you are inside your account, go into your profile settings and designate a new email. You'll just need to confirm that email and you are all set.

If you cannot remember your password and cannot reset it, create a new profile and we will merge your accounts for you. Don't miss out on all of the new exciting things we are doing like monthly raffles, survey education courses and more simply because you can no longer access your old account.

Why does this matter? Well, if you are in this situation, you now have a Member Number which is your Raffle Number and if you cannot access your account you won't even know when/if we draw your number. If you have 2 accounts, we need to know which account that you want to use for the Member Raffle. If you haven't been receiving emails about the new Monthly Member Raffle, you do not know that your Raffle Number can now win you prizes on the last day of every month from our Sponsors. Your member number is also important to access all of the new Apps, Resources, Courses and tools for Land Surveyors United members. Your member number also saves you money when you shop with any of our Smarketplace - Surveyors Marketplace Vendors. Everything you need to know about the Raffle, Memberships and how to activate your member number can be found here:

Activate Your Member Number for Monthly Raffle and get 12 chances to win every year!

Please read over it carefully! Look inside the FAQ for various questions you might have or add your questions.

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