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We're On a Roll!  2 Site Redesigns and a New Smarketplace Aggregator

Our community has always had many moving parts, which extend beyond the community itself.   We help surveyors find jobs in surveying, source equipment for the field and we help our trusted vendors find customers who need their products and services.   Anything which can help a surveyor find what they need while informing the public of a land surveyor's importance is something we attempt to build.   In other words, we've been hard at work putting a fresh face on everything for the New Year.   With that said, our Surveying Jobs Board and the Equipment Hunter websites have been redesigned.  In addition, we have a new Smarketplace Aggregator website to add to the Virtual Mall mix.  Here are a few things we have improved and we are always open to suggestions for what to build next.

Surveying Jobs Board Redesign

This has become almost a ritual - every year the Surveying Job's boards platform changes so we end up redesigning the entire Jobs Board year after year.   This international surveying jobs board is the only one of its kind and it helps hundreds of surveyors find work every year, so we are happy to do it.   You can find Surveying Jobs almost anywhere in the world by visiting   This jobs board pulls RSS feeds of jobs all around the if you know of a Jobs Feed that we should add to the site for automatically pulling jobs in, please tell us in the comments below.

Surveying Jobs Board Redesign

Equipment Hunter Website Redesign

Many of you may remember a few years back, Justin converted his late father's old Epalmetto site into a Surveying Equipment aggregator which pulls fresh deals on new and used equipment every hour.  We call this site the Equipment Hunter and in honor of Skip Farrow, the redesign is his favorite color green.  You can find the Equipment Hunter at

Surveying Equipment Hunter

The New Smarketplace Aggregator

Our Smarketplace Virtual Mall is the home to our Marketplace Vendors, who each have a store inside.   The new Smarketplace Aggregator pulls new posts from those vendors every time they post inside their Marketplace hubs on Land Surveyors United. The new aggregator which can be found at also allows for subscribing to individual Vendors and other equipment categories with your RSS reader.  In the coming days, Vendors who've subscribed to the Vendor Memberships can post directly to their category inside the aggregator.

Smarketplace Aggregator Website

Be sure to leave your feedback or suggest what you'd like for us to build next.

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