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Other software solutions are created to expedite production -  faster – not necessarily better.  From Land Surveying, City Mapping, Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Landscape Design, Architecture, Financial Modeling, and more, there has never been a single product that empowers YOU to deliver a significant improvement in quality – until now:  LandMentor.  

Learn about the History of LandMentor and the revolutionary software they develop for land surveyors!

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What’s Elluette GBC?

Elluette GBC seeks to optimize organizational performance in the context of human and planet friendly actions and is also an outreach business seeking leadership collaborations and public engagement to promote the health, harmony and security of the world.

This particular podcast focus targets:

  • today’s lack of thoughtful design from a human- and planet-friendly perspective.
  • poor priorities among planners (focused on maximizing density rather than the quality of life).
  • prioritizing concentration of homes because of the profit-motive .
  • gentrification in places that should have helped elevate the housing needs for all income levels.

How Prefurbia design with new technologies and training solves these issues:

  • enabling consultants to put together extraordinary…
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LandMentor Update - What's New?

What’s New on the Next LandMentor Update?

We will be soon releasing the next LandMentor Update (early November) and have some great additions which I’ve personally wanted to get in the software for a while, but it would require a file format change.  This new update will automatically convert the old formats to the new formats, so the transformation should not be noticeable.  Since ALL LandMentor users are perpetually updated and upgraded at no extra charge, there is no problem with file format incompatibility as with other CAD based software systems.

Vintage Mode:

Background of why ‘vintage mode’ is important:  The Land Surveying industry is in a bit of a quandary – the general public thinks ‘Google Earth’ replaces the need for a surveyor, even most planners and architects think that’s good enough.  AutoDesk that furnished the industry with most of the (limited ability) software, recently shocked me.  I…

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LandMentor June 2019 Update Features
LandMentor April Update
Loren Cove Townhomes at Viera using Prefurbia Methods
Prefurbia Design of Trasona at Viera
LandMentor November Updated Features
LandMentor using the Traverse Function
MakeLine for Lot lines after setting Groups
LandMentor: Using MakeLine to create a street

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