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Other software solutions are created to expedite production -  faster – not necessarily better.  From Land Surveying, City Mapping, Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Landscape Design, Architecture, Financial Modeling, and more, there has never been a single product that empowers YOU to deliver a significant improvement in quality – until now:  LandMentor.  

Learn about the History of LandMentor and the revolutionary software they develop for land surveyors!

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We are excited to be part of this platform to help land surveying become a more important industry and help solve many of the problems facing surveyors today.  When I first began this career, many land surveyors also did earthwork, and some minor engineering, and I think surveyors, not engineers, did most of the platting design back then.  Today, licensing prevents surveyors (for the most part) to roll over into engineering, but I think surveyors are better prepared than engineers to take on the neighborhood layout process, and as such we will be teaching some great methods to help surveyors gain that business.  For example, in POB, nearly 20 years ago we wrote this article:

POB Article in 2000

At that time, we had been at initial refinement of the process we coined 'coving', intentionally not patented or protecting it so that others (you) can financially benefit…

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