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Professional Land Surveyors of Australia is a social support group and forum for land surveyors who live and work in Australian localities, or even those who are considering a survey opportunity in Australia- It is the best place to live after all!

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Legal Landscapes: Deciphering Land Surveying Regulations in Australia

Land surveying is a cornerstone of Australia's infrastructure, playing a pivotal role in land development, management, and ownership transfer. Given its critical function in defining legal property boundaries, the profession is stringently regulated, affecting various sectors such as planning, development, and environmental management. This blog post aims to shed light on the intricate legal and regulatory frameworks that govern land surveying in Australia, noting that specifics can vary due to…

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There are several ways to MIGRATE TO AUSTRALIA by getting a permanent residency visa for skilled professionals. This article is about the most common Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and  Skilled nominated Visa (190) . It is a point based system that can be done by yourself without paying for an agency or third party fee. The whole process is through online and courier mail without any interview or human relation unless additional information is required by phone. Typically it will…

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Professional Land Surveyors of Australia

Professional Land Surveyors Australia is a place for Professional Land Surveyors in Australia to Unite and share ideas, photos, video, and discussions on the topics that relate to your profession.

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