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LSI and FSI Study Group Focus on study aids for the Fundamentals of Land Surveying.  Share your education related materials here.

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NCEES Surveying Equations for Exam

The Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) examination is a closed-book examination. Therefore, no reference material is allowed in the exam room. The formulas and information here are provided in both the morning and the afternoon exam booklets. This information is not intended to be an all-inclusive compilation of formulas required for the FS examination. Basic theories, conversions, formulas, and definitions that examinees are expected to know have not been included. As required, special material…

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  • Government Professional

    I think it would be good to buddy up for those taking the exam this October. I would like a study buddy if anyone needs one. Skype would be a good tool. I am taking the fundamentals of surveying. I already passed the Principles and Florida Jurisdictional. I failed the fundamentals the first time. This will be my second time taking the exam.

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    LSI and FSI group has been updated to include videos tagged "exam"
  • GEO Ambassador
    @Mark looking forward to seeing what you have to share with the group....there are a lot of surveyors studying for these exams and i am sure they will be grateful for your support...thanks
  • I have many courses on paper such as writing legal descriptions, easements, public lands surveys etc. They are homestudy seminars and the like. I also have a few stored in my computer. These are seminars I've taken to meet the continuing education requirements in Florida and could be very helpful. I would like to help but the only problem I have is that I'm sure they are copyright information and would have to obtain permission from the author to distribute.
  • Government Professional
    Good afternoon! I need your help with any and all information to help with this group. So please feel free to help in anyway that you can. Thanks
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