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Drone Surveying Group Forum is for land surveyors who use drone technology, UAV and UAS systems for performing land surveying projects.  If you are new to this group, please Start a New Discussion and Introduce yourself.  Tell us what level of experience you have with use of Drones in Surveying.

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Is Drone Surveying Legal In Your Country?

I stumbled across a terrific resource called Drone Made which outlines the legality of operating drones in pretty much all countries of the world. Following drone rules can be a hard thing to do, especially if you are continuously travelling. We are a community of travellers from all around the world & created the first truly global and up to date Drone Laws World Map(s)!       European Drone Laws Europe     Albania Andorra Austria Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria…

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1 Reply · Reply by Jaybird Jun 4, 2021
Student Surveyor

UAV Mapping and Processing

Good afternoon,I am just about to launch a new small business called Ground Control Surveys.I live in Sydney, Australia.The business will offer both UAV Mapping and Processing. Having read a whole lot of forums over the last few years, I have seen that there are a large number of people who want to take advantage of UAV's for mapping, but who don't have the time to experiment with all the processing software/s. For those local to my area, I can fly the drone (Licensed CASA pilot) and process…

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1 Reply · Reply by AxeMen Site Prep Jul 26, 2019
Land Surveyor

eBee Plus and Agisoft workflow and Geoid

We have recently acquired an eBee plus and interested in others experience and tips in optimizing the workflow in Agisoft, in particular using a geoid model where the local geoid model is not well defined (outside South Africa) We always use accurate ground control points to verify results. The geoid model is fairly well defined in South Africa with an accuracy or standard deviation of 7cm. Has anyone used a geoid specific to Africa and verified against true orthometric heights, and if so where?

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Drone Surveying Videos

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UAV Surveying Videos

MP Design Drone LiDAR From Microdrones
mdaaS | Microdrones as a Service
5 Ways Drone LiDAR Can Save Time & Money Video
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mdLiDAR1000LR Plan & Fly Featuring Flick Engineering DE

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    Is drone technology applicable to survey of two boundaries example boundaries of two countries which is not accessible and even cant erected any boundary mark. If possible how do you do
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