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Puerto Rico Land Surveyors Hub is for Land Surveyors United members who work in surveying in Puerto Rico to share experiences and discussions related to survey work in Puerto Rico. 

Puerto Rico Land Surveyors Hub es para miembros de Land Surveyors United que trabajan en topografía en Puerto Rico para compartir experiencias y discusiones relacionadas con el trabajo de Topógrafo en Puerto Rico.

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Urgent! Support of Puerto Rico Law of Geographic Information System of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Calling all surveyors to support the proposed state law PC1783 called "Law of Geographic Information System of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico". It assigns land surveyors as the main professional to be able to certify a position in relation to GIS data. A licensed land surveyor will be the head of the office to assure the spatial quality and minimum technical requirements for GIS data in Puerto Rico. Please support in the following link. Thank you for your support…

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  • Thanks, Omar....!!!!

       Your help is most appreciated.

  • ramon:

    i found a couple stations using NGS datasheets at culebra island. use this url: select datasheets, then select radial, then insert the lat and long of culebra from google earth and then select the station nearest of your desired location. read the datasheet to meke sure the info is what you are looking for. any questions, contact me!

    good luck!

  • Hi, sorry for the wait1

    just saw the comment.

    I don' have them at hand but I can check out for NAD 83 coordinates. personally I have not done any survey work on Culebra.will do reaserch to see if thera are any stations and get back to you.


  • Hello Surveyors...!!!!

       I'm not sure if this is the proper section for this so, feel free to let me know otherwise. I'm in need of a map showing horizontal/vertical controls somewhere near the " Playa Manzanilla" area in Culebra, PR. for a Topographic/Boundary Survey job I'm goint to work on. I'm not looking for CORS stations since I've been checking up the NGS website and I don't believe there is one around (...hopefully, I'm wrong...). Any NAD83 adjustment/revision will do just fine.

     As always, any help or advise is more than welcome.

  • GEO Ambassador

    Calling all surveyors in Puerto Rico!  Start a discussion and tell us about what its like to work as a surveyor in PR..

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