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LIDAR for Land Surveying is a Hub for Land Surveyors United Members to discuss the use of LIDAR technology in their Land Surveying Work.

LIDAR is a unique remote sensing technology that has taken the surveying industry by storm. The acronym “LIDAR” stands for Light Detection and Ranging and describes how the technology uses light in the form of lasers to measure distances

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LIDAR Targets

Hello AllAny experience/recommendations for ground targets to be used to georeference UAV captured Lidar data?  We have used Hoodman GCP targets for photogrammetric UAV surveys, but these are not reflective enough to use with Lidar.  Lidar data captured will be used in roadway and railroad corridor design work, so a high level of accuracy will be required. Lot's of products out there, but hoping for some real world experience to narrow it down.Thank you

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Student Surveyor

Some information about Lidar

Hello,   My name is Tun Hlaing. I am a first year Geomatics Engineering Technology student from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have a school project to interview a survey technician who uses and knows about Lidar scanning technology. So I am looking for someone who knows about Lidar scanning. I just like to send email with few questions regarding Lidar.    Thanks in advance,   Tun Hlaing

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LIDAR and Land Surveying Channels

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LiDAR technology acquires data to produce an accurate Digital Elevation Model (DEM). A LiDAR system combines a single narrow laser beam with a receiver system. LiDAR is primarily used to create highly accurate aerial maps. It doesn’t require electromagnetic radiation and records laser pulses that strike the object and get back to the sensor. 

LiDAR is used everywhere nowadays. LiDAR drafting is the…

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Did you know that LiDAR data is collected virtually everywhere? LiDAR(Light Detection & Ranging) technology isn’t new; it’s very similar to RADAR and uses light waves instead of radio waves. LiDAR sensors can be stationary or attached to moving vehicles, such as cars, planes or drones. LiDAR is used in a wide range of land cover management and planning efforts, including hazard assessment. There are a lot of industries that are already using this technology…

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Kevin Dennehy, in his latest article [Hovering in High Performance UAS-based LiDAR Space] of Inside Unmanned Systems, Apr-May issue, mentioned that, “LiDAR USA has developed a lightweight LiDAR specifically for unmanned aircraft that is capable of getting centimeter-level results”. Tersus is contributing a small portion of effort with our GNSS RTK receivers to support LiDAR to achieve more high precision possibilities. Take a look at the article to learn a little bit more of us.…

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