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The Field Crew is a Land Surveying How-to Support Group. In this Hub, you can ask questions about "How to" perform certain tasks or demonstrate/explain tricks in the field. Please include tutorials if you have them.

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PLSS 3 Point Control Question ?

Hello Fellow Surveyors,


I am preparing for a registration exam. I found a great GLO refresher course online from a surveyor from Washington state. In the course there is a problem on 3 Point Control, I understand most of the problem but am stuck on t

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What is Site Control?

Just thought i would open this discussion "What is Site Control?" and I encourage you to add anything in the comments which i may leave out.


What is Site Control?

Site control means that you have obtained an enforceable right to use a parcel
of land f

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How to Set Up a Theodolite or EDM

This is my first attempt at providing a tutorial so please bear with me as I learn how to work this wonderful site.  I am going to show you how to set up a theodolite or EDM on your surveying job site, step by step.  Here we go:

How to Set Up a Theodo

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How to fix annoying fast zooms

In AutoCAD 2000i LDD when double clicking the mouse too quickly the drawing does a zoom extents. For example I have a three-button mouse, the center button (the mouse wheel) being the culprit, it controls the zooming and panning. Well I will be flyin

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