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The Field Crew is a Land Surveying How-to Support Group. In this Hub, you can ask questions about "How to" perform certain tasks or demonstrate/explain tricks in the field. Please include tutorials if you have them.

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Welcome to The Field Crew. In this group, feel free to add new discussions and teach us basics in land surveying. Here are a few ideas to get the brain working: Surveying Basics Surveying Notes Quantity Surveying Lecture Notes How to Read Survey Plats Property Survey Symbols Survey Legend Abbreviations

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  • How about get Geo Tool Office software
  • Hello everyone. I have decided to pick up my surveying skills again. I have been doing a lot of GIS work and put my surveying on the back burner. I have AutoCAD Civil 3D but now need to learn how to use TDS Foresight DXM and Survey Pro. Anyone out there familiar with the two? I need your help just to get me started. Thank you.

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  • Thanks again Kendall,i'll try what your doing and let you know, have a good day...paul
  • i have never used autodesk field survey, what i know from autocad well is that when i import survey results into cad (points with their z,y,z ) and i do not need elevations , first step is to select all then right click , propperties and make z-value which is then in varies , change it to 0 the veruthing will be 0 elevations so you can inverse your disntances and have the without slope , in that way i normally do it
  • Thanks kendall, we are using Autodesk Field Survey to process our field data...collecting in x,y and z but when downloading the office is only receiving slope distances...have a good day...Paul
  • hi, depends on what software they use at the office for processing survey results, i think personally by sende x,y,z values is better and at the office depending your software you can always cancel the z-value and work further , if they use trimble geomatics office for processing that is the case ....foresight dxm i do not know, in survey pro version version 4.9 and newer you can make your survey 2d at start so no z-values will be recorded ..that can be an option
  • I'm using a Ranger data collector with Survey Pro software and Nikon total station.I am new to this company and this companys equipment although I have been using Survey Pro for awhile. My new supervisor mentioned that when data is downloaded they receive the distances in slope distance which they then convert to horizontal distances and asked me to look into this.They would like the data in horizontal right off. Could anyone tell me if there is a setting that effects this situation? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul

  • I have a question rather than an answer. I was wondering if anyone other than me has experienced problems working under high power electical transmission lines. Running one static session with two sokkia recievers, the third on a known contol point, underneath some very poweerful high voltage electric lines and one unit collected good data while the other came in as floating. Swithced the units around the next day and still got poor results. Has anyone else experienced this situation and is there anything I can do to prevent it?
  • looking for job
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