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Aug 24, 2019

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Enjoy, explore and contribute to our community....a living library of land surveying which is not controlled by 3rd party interests- it is controlled by you, the surveyor. No one else in the world aside from our community members catalogs changes in the surveying industry. No one else collects, curates and showcases the importance of land surveyors to society for future generations to learn from and to promote public awareness of this importance. It takes just a few moments per week to curate a rock solid legacy in surveying but every minute you spend sharing your experience will breathe ten years of life into the profession.

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  • Hello Kendall,

    Thank you for your association, nice meeting you. I look forward to talking with you, Land Surveyors United is an awesome site!

    Have a good one!  Paul

  • Thanks again Kendall.
  • GEO Ambassador
    Great Job, good photos
  • Give me a lat/lon there and I will look at it from Google Earth.
  • Who funds surveying on the island and where is this island?
  • After much testing I like to create at clusters of points of least two and better three points per cluster near to where I think I will need them for control and that I can use to come off of with a Total Station if needed - I can see between the cluster points but, in the case of being in the "woods" I place the clusters in areas of the site that I will not have to depend on seeing between the clusters. The whole idea is to build your control clusters so you will not have to pull out that Total Station to do a large site and can jump over tall buildings or thick forests using the advantage of satellites instead of line of sight on the ground.

    Once your get real good with your PM3, you may uses clusters of just two points each to establish your relative position to other clusters and be able to take any two points in a cluster to set up your small area from each cluster with RTK if conditions are favorable to use RTK in an area with less obstructions to the limitations that the radios and algorithms of your PM3 RTK (fast survey) setup. I hardly set any project up without STATIC control in the regular Survey mode. I then almost always process that data by downloading the nearest CORS data 24 hours later when available. If you do not have a CORS setup nearby you will have to leap frog to establish a tie to whatever control system you use.
  • No. You have to establish your position first using the base and rover together. There are so many ways use both the Static and the RTK features. I like to establish control by setting up the Base on a new point near the site of interest first then establish at least a triangle around the site by setting other local control and collecting at lease double the observation distance worth of data at the three points on that site including or additional to the base point. Then I will go set up on at least two of the island coordinates you mentioned and wait till I get that magic double distance from the base of data on that rover again. If I am going to continue the day working on the site, I will take my notebook computer with the GNSS software and load and process the two SD cards worth of data to determine the relative coordinates and translate them to your know coordinates then upload the "localized" coordinates back on the rover SD card so you can localize on them in the RTK mode at the site. Once you get the basic proceedure, it is great. It all depends on your project but I will almost always hook my site into the NGS control using Static on Site and connecting it into a local CORS station to get my State Plane Coordinates and my WSG84 standard Lat/Lon for my Master Control Files. Email me with more specific site needs and I will detail you with some good procedures that I have adopted via email and email attachments. [email protected]
  • Welcome aboard my fellow native Arubian.
    It is good to see someone joining LSU from my homeland (island).
    Conta bai?
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