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  • If you are using this 4700 without a data collector, when you turn it on it is defaulting to the start-up configuration which is 15 sec.

    I have reset my units from 4700 to R8 using a utility called Trimble Configuration Toolbox so that they all collect a 5 sec rate. Occaionally, for airborne DGPS we set some of them at 10 to 1 hz. You do this by replacing the startup.cfg file with the settings you want. You can basically set any of the avialable settings to any value (preload the antenna type, height, etc).

    If you have a data collector for each unit, you can set what you want at the time of observation. Without one, you want to preload the defaults.

    There is another program called GPS configurator that acts like the data collector. You run it on a laptop, plug into the unit, and tell it what to do. I haven't found it as useful, but it's another tool available.

    Good luck.

    • Hello Rich, Thanks for your advice, I'll give that a try. Paul
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