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Have you found a map that is especially useful or interesting?  Start a new discussion below and share that map by embedding it or uploading it.  Tell us why you find this map to be special and tell us why surveyors of the world would find this map interesting

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3 New Mapping Platforms for Surveyors to Explore

1) The Land Information Explorer A new interactive map from non-profit Shared Assets can help you find out key information about any area of land in the UK. Land Explorer uses open data to provide information at the click of a mouse button about land ownership and current & potential land use. Land Explorer couldn't be easier to use. Just click on a location on the map and all the land information is automatically displayed in the map sidebar. As well as information from the Land Registry…

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Mapping Earth's Spoken Languages with LocalLingual

If you are a land surveyor who would either like to better communicate with  land surveyors from other countries, this map may make that a bit simpler for you. LocalLingual is a new global map which allows you to listen to how people speak around the world. Click on a country on the LocalLingual map and you can hear an audio recording of a local speaking the name of the country and the country's capital. You can even listen to a recording of the country's national anthem. LocalLingual is also…

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No Fly Drone Zones for Surveyors and Mappers

Many surveyors are experimenting with surveying using aerial drones these days, but we of course must be careful where we fly. Mapbox has published a No Fly Zones map compiled from Federal Aviation data as a starting point to building your own No Fly Zone map, which you can find here.. What are some of the resources you've found helpful for getting involved with UAV surveying? Share below please.

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