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Female Land Surveyors need each other's support. If you are a female land surveyor, join this group to network with other professional (female) surveyors globally.

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Wouldn't do anything else!

I've been a surveyor for almost 10 years now and wouldn't trade it for anything.I get to trudge through knee deep mud. I get to witness the silent snowfall in the middle of the woods, far away from the big city. I get to explore areas that haven't seen a soul in years. I get to scale dawn steep ravines. I get to walk around on high rises before the walls are up (incredible views). I get to explore tunnels being carved into hillsides. I get to surf down gravel slopes (sometimes it's the quickest…

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Party Chief

Females Only Group

Ok guys I know how fun it is to scope the women surveyors, but lets leave this group just for women.  I'm even gonna try to find a way to hide myself on here.  I want to try to build a solid place on the web exclusively for women land surveyors.   if you know any, please tell them about this group. Keep up the great work everyone!

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No big deal!

Don't know why its such a big deal to be a female land surveyor. I can pound re-bar into frozen ground and I can cut line and my field notes are damn good. Most times with my hair up and vest on no one realizes I am a women. There are always a few Bubba's out there.

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Female Land Surveyors Support Group

Finally a place on the web exclusively for female land surveyors to share their tips and trick, female style.

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