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Introduce Yourself to your fellow land surveyors in Europe and tell us about your company and what surveying services you offer in your geography!  The Professional Land Surveyors of Europe is a social support group forum for land surveyors who live and work in European countries. Join Hubs for countries of Europe and share your expertise and experience. #Europe   Invite your fellow European Land Surveyors to Join you!

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Welcome to the new home for Land Surveyors of Europe!   

You will notice that your country's forum may currently be empty.  That is because you are the first to see this new hub!   Here is how we can work together to fix that and make this hub very informative.

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Start a new discussion inside your forum to let other surveyors in your country know who you are.  Introduce yourself and be the first to post in your country!

Once any country gets 10 posts, we will create an entire hub dedicated to that country and elect an administrator to be in charge!

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If we are currently missing your area of the world and its forum, please let us know and we'll add it for you within 24 hours.  Thank you.

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