Crew Apps

Crew Apps Help Get Surveyors on the Same Page

Everyday a new surveyor comes into the field, a game begins. This game involves finding out who is in charge, what is expected from them and what they should already know about land surveying. Those seasoned surveyors in charge quite often discover gigantic voids in surveying knowledge, lack of understanding about how crews work and ultimately what surveying is all about. These two apps are an attempt to help get everyone on the same page.

New Surveyor and Old Surveyor Apps

These two apps are Land Surveyors United Member Apps which have been developed as an experimental proof of concept.  By donating to the community, you can help us upgrade these apps to become more robust, hold more information and brand them for the community.  It costs approx $280 per year per app to upgrade these tools for the community to use at large.  

Old Surveyor

 Seasoned Surveyors App -

In this app, the Older Surveyors can drop nuggets of knowledge about surveying for present and future generations. If you are a seasoned surveyor, simply add a shortcut to this app on your phone. When you discover an example of a frustration often faced in the field, simply add advice for new surveyors so that ALL new surveyors can learn what is expected of them. The idea is that if enough new surveyors are reading advice from Party Chiefs other than their own, you will no longer be the bad guy. When you find them using their phone too much in the field, ask them to add the New Surveyor App  to their phone and read up!

Seasoned Surveyors App

New Surveyor

New Surveyor App  -

This app is for those who are new to Land Surveying (aka Young Surveyors) to learn all of the basics of land surveying with the help of seasoned surveyors.  In this app, not only can you read advice shared by Seasoned Surveyors, you can also ask for advice without asking your own crew members.  In other words, you can silently study up on what is expected of you in the field.  

New Surveyor App