Hi Everyone, And Hi to all you HP users and those who would like to be. New and old a like, some of you have used the 50g for a good many years,and it is widely used in the survey world today, and uses RPL language. The HP Prime is just starting out and it's new HPPP or HPPPL language,and is the new kid on the block. You will not find very much software for it yet in surveying, so can it help you survey??? Sure,cannot live in the past must go on to the future. So met the HP Prime the Time Machine. And we will also  embrace the 50 G and at times compare them The Hp Prime is one of a kind and may be the most advance calculator in the world.And help add to the knowledge of this group.There is a lot of things you may or may not know about this calculator or the 50 G.

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