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GPS PROS Group Forum is for any member of LSU that is a professional land surveyor using primarily GPS in the field. Geodetic / Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Get help and offer support with survey grade GPS!

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Affordable GNSS Receivers?

Greetings GNSS users:Does anyone have any experience with iGage GNSS equipment? My small business model and work load cannot justify investment in the high end GNSS equipment in the $30k range. iGage has very reasonable prices on dual frequency receivers ( iG8 ) which, I think, are based on a Trimble board. I know there are other lower cost dual frequency receivers out there; but it seems like this company, as a domestic (USA) supplier, seems to go out of their way to provide strong customer…

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Land Surveyor

Glossary Guide to GPS Terms

Below is a good start for a glossary style definitions list related to GPS Terms.  Feel free to add your terms as comments below the post.  - A - Almanac - the Almanac is a file which contains positional information for all of the GPS satellites. The Almanac is used by the GPS receiver to determine which satellites to track, and can also be used for mission planning. Attribute - a characteristic which describes a Feature. Attributes can be thought of as questions which are asked about the…

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GPS and Canopy

Causing Interference GPS receivers require a line of sight to the satellites in order to obtain a signal representative of the true distance from the satellite to the receiver. Therefore, any object in the path of the signal has the potential to interfere with the reception of that signal. Objects which can block a GPS signal include tree canopy, buildings and terrain features. Further, reflective surfaces can cause the GPS signals to bounce before arriving at a receiver, thus causing an error…

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OPUS Post Processing

Re: First time user.......Sokkia Startus L1  .....  Seems like I filled out the form correctly.I've converted the raw file (*.str) to Rinex format and uploaded it to OPUSERROR MSG:FILE: 17691301.12O OP13295028330641010  The RINEX dataset submitted to OPUS only contained data for a single1010  frequency.  Dual frequency data is needed for processing.1010  Aborting...1010 Am I doing something wrong ?

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Home-Made GPS Receiver How-to

I was blown away when I saw (via Make)that someone had created a home-made GPS receiver.  Andrew Holme just may be a genius. He built an incredible four-channel GPS receiver using some repurposed FPGA board from a previous frequency synthesizer project. Then, by connecting it to a PC running a console app, Andrew’s receiver is now capable of tracking at least four satellites simultaneously, which is good enough to capture lat, long, and altitude.  This homemade GPS receiver should not be…

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HTC Android GPS Apps

  I want a free or low priced GPS app or program that will show and store bread crumb "trails" to the SD card.  I will use it on an Android Desire Phone Device and/or transfer and show on PC and overlay onto Google Maps or Google Earth.  Display of the trails will have both time and lat/lon placemarks with polylines between trial interval points that vary depending on speed.  Walking speed might be every 25 to 50 feet while highway trail points are shown at 500 to 1000 feet at 65 to 75 miles…

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LightSquared GPS

LightSquared GPS is a problem!  We need more discussion on this topic because it affects every Land Surveyor on Earth.  We could even have a group solely dedicated to this topic, but for now the GPS group will have to speak LOUD about the emerging threat to our GPS signals.  Unless every member here on LSU is willing to go back to the days before GPS we have to UNITE and voice our concerns about the legitimate threat of being shut down as a small group of users of the GPS constellation of…

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  • Hi..every one I'm newest member in this group..

    any one can help me???.. to plot GPS coordinates in Auto CAD. Please Send procedure about plotting GPS cooridnates in Auto CAD to my Email [email protected] Thanking you.

  • Hi..every one I'm newest member in this group..

    any one can help me???..

    i'm looking for the tutorial for Post Procesing by Trimbel GPS or other type of Geodetic GPS... please sent to my email [email protected]...

    thank's a lot...

  • Hi every one I'm newest member of this group and this forum and I'm really happy to be here.

  • Add this – just got the CD that goes with the system and was able to use the Sync to get the control points that were done via rapid static with the system using an assumed N,E,Z – I am more confident that I can find the csv or dxf files in the sync folder with the feature points (about 50 or 100) that I also shot yesterday when setting up the system and using it. I had no manuals so it was pure logic and experience that allowed me to make a successful test. The DC has contours and all the points viewable on it and I am pretty sure I can get them out and show them in AutoCAD or whatever other programs that come with the system. The guy who owns it is even more excited than before now because of some other expenses and opportunities that have come up for him to get some needed earth moving equipment.

    I have two very urgent projects now that I must also focus. I will try to keep up with this and keep you posted.
  • [email protected]
  • Yes Jim- I am willing to split the commission if we can help my friend sell this system - my biggest concern is getting it to work for Surveyors because it seems to be fashioned for Construction Machine control. I need your direct email or a way to answer this comment by you. I am a bit confused because I went to our page and it would not allow me to send you a message without you showing me as a "friend" so I sent you invite and waiting.
  • Yes Jim- I am willing to split the commission if we can help my friend sell this system - my biggest concern is getting it to work for Surveyors because it seems to be fashioned for Construction Machine control.
  • manage and maintain all trimble repairs services...
  • Gary I am a certified Trimble dealer. Let me know if I caqn help...
  • Trimble GPS System cost over $40,000 (USD) new as verified by the dealer representative May 7, 2010. Asking price is $28,000 (USD).
    Some components:
    1. Trimble P/N28959-050-YEL super heavy duty construction site type pole tripod complete with fold up carrying case and three one food extensions for the top of the pod for extra height – set it up on 5/9/2010 for first time used to test.
    2. above was used with the large base antenna (Zephyr (tm) Geodetic Model 2) over 1 foot diameter gps antenna disc.
    4. Trimble Base & Rover Data Collector (DC) is Handheld unit that has a special high quality Rover Pole or Leg Mounting Quick Disconnect Bracket is used with the light weigh Trimble high strength carbon fiber Rover Pole with attachable bi-pod TSC2 with WiFi and Bluetooth so you can wirelessly communicate with both the Rover and Base GPS receivers and internet similar to a notebook computer. You can transfer files on it to an SD card with slots for other cards and USB drives and transfer data via the USB to a thumbdrive or by cable connection or via SD or other card options easily or via Bluetooth. The Data Collector has several amazing features such as Wifi and Bluetooth of course. It is labeled as a Trimble TSC2 with numbers at the connections at the base of the unit as 890-0038-XXQ SSC53A0160 - Inside the unit under the battery is RANGER X Series by Tripod Data Systems CE0981 Bluetooth N324 ST2-TY5GMDB SS53C12758 with the batter unit M890-0001 SSE07755.
    5. The Rover GPS receiver built in GPS disc antenna is a SPS880 EXTREME 57202-90 BLUETOOTH RADIO MODULE P/N 57880-90 902-928 MHZ CONTAINS fcc id: q23-31307 IC ID: 1756A-50158 CANADA 310 SN 4720132534 WITH POP OUT ON-THE-FLY BATTERY – Return to Operation immediately without delay or re-setup per owner claims – This unity has 2 extra batteries with a 2-battery charginging station with Vehicle plug-in for use in charging on the road cables and AC-DC conversion or inversion.
    I was able to take the units outside and set up static control very quickly, then shoot features to tie to the control in RTK mode very fast with the full spectrum of GNSS and GLONAS reception. I was able to get over 100 points in a very short time compared to my other GPS equipment around trees and other obstacles that the ProMark3RTK would have taken 5 to ten times the time or not been able to get enough signals to get a fix. Very fast and accurate.
    I was not able to figure out how to get the points or the topo that the Data Collector was able to display off of the unit into my computer AutoCAD or to download the csv type files yet. I worked several hours trying to figure out how to transfer that data from the DC memory to the USB thumbdrive that I found very handy to use. I was able to transfer the previous drawings and dxf data from the “Work Orders” to the AutoCAD, however. I am working on the interface for Surveyor use with this unit that was set up for machine control and setout of 3D topography and design. I hope to get the information from Dusty Rider and others so that I may transfer the “Surveyor” files from the DC to the PC and use them in preparation of Plat of Survey, Topo, and other related Survey Exhibits that are used for a Survey Project.
    More on the progress of transfer of Survey Data later………..
    Gary Breisch – Registered Land Surveyor - Email direct: [email protected] -(36d07'14.37"N, 96d08'43.37"W, EL 665) (36.12065833,-96.14540833) - Fax direct: 918-289-2417 – main phone best for incoming calls U.S. Cellular cell: 918-948-5263 – backup phone or mobile to mobile AT&T cell: 918-261-4279 - Website direct:
    Gary W. Breisch | Solar, Gardening, BeeKeeping & Bee Products, Electric Vehicles, and related equip…
    Solar, Gardening, BeeKeeping & Bee Products, Electric Vehicles, and related equipment.
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