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  • 3D Scanner Support 3D Scanner Support

    48 3D Scanner Users

    Latest Activity: Apr 20, 2020

    3D Scanner Support for land surveyors is a Hub for asking questions and sharing projects using 3D scanners.  Support for 3D Scanners in land surveying. Shared resources, tips and tricks are discussed in this group. For surveyors who use 3D…


    39 AGSGPS Followers

    Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2020

    Advanced Geodetic Surveys, Inc. is a Texas S-Corporation specializing in mapping and land surveying equipment that has been proudly doing business since 1991. Our team is dedicated to providing the best solutions and service for your…

  • Altus Positioning Support Group Altus Positioning Support Group

    10 Members

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    This group is for LSU members who use Altus Positioning in the field. This group is for discussions and tutorials related to Altus user. LSU is not directly affiliated with Altus and all logos and imagery are copyright of their respective…

  • Arcengine Technologies LLC Arcengine Technologies LLC

    3 arcfamily

    Latest Activity: Jul 20, 2020

    We at Arcengine Outsourcing provide CAD drafting services with quick turnaround time and assuring the quality of work to our clients. Do connect with us regarding any CAD Drawing, Revit & bim related opportunities. Global CAD service…

  • ArcGIS Users ArcGIS Users

    43 ArcGIS Users

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    ARCGIS USERS is a group aimed at equipping users of ArcGIS to complete a variety of tasks. Please join us to give and to get ArcGIS Tips & Tricks.

  • AutoCAD Tip of the day AutoCAD Tip of the day

    60 Members

    Latest Activity: Sep 12, 2019

    AutoCAD tip of the day is a Hub and Forum for AutoCAD users who have discovered time-saving commands or other ways of helping AutoCAD increase your drafting efficiency. 




  • Boundary and Topographic Gurus Boundary and Topographic Gurus

    31 Boundary and Topographic Gurus

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    Boundary and Topo are a rite of passage for professional land surveyors and most of our LSU members have experience in this niche. However, there are some who have had SO much experience that one might call them a "Guru." Are YOU a guru?

  • Carlson Support Group Carlson Support Group

    75 Carlson Software Users

    Latest Activity: Oct 17, 2022

    Carlson Software Social Support Group for land surveyors and LSU members who use Carlson Software in their surveying lives.LSU is not directly affiliated with Carlson and all logos and imagery are copyright of their respective owners

  • Casio 5800P - Programs For Surveyors Casio 5800P - Programs For Surveyors

    87 Casio 5800p Users

    Latest Activity: Feb 16

    Casio 5800P - Programs For Surveyors is a group forum for sharing tips and tricks for using Casio 5800P in survey work. We Can Share Our Programs…

  • Civil 3D For Land Surveyors Civil 3D For Land Surveyors

    12 Members

    Latest Activity: Mar 19, 2019

    Civil 3D for Land Surveyors Hub is a place for surveyors who use Autodesk Civil 3D to share tips and tricks for using the software.

  • Computer Help for Surveyors Computer Help for Surveyors

    59 Members

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    Surveyors can waste a lot of time and money trying to solve computer problems.  In this Surveyor 2 Surveyor support group, let's help each other find solutions to Computer Problems.

  • Contour Map Generator Contour Map Generator

    4 Members

    Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2022

    Since 2019, farmers, ranchers, land designers and developers have been turning to Verge Permaculture’s Contour Map Generator for quick, affordable and user-friendly maps that can be imported to Google Earth Pro for real-world understanding…

  • Drone Surveying Drone Surveying

    36 Drone Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Aug 5, 2022

    Drone Surveying Group Forum is for land surveyors who use drone technology, UAV and UAS systems for performing land surveying projects.  If you are new to this group, please…

  • Equipment Hunter Equipment Hunter

    22 Equipment Hunters

    Latest Activity: Aug 10, 2020

    Surveying Equipment and Supplies at Affordable Prices. Find and submit offers on New, Pre-owned and Consignment land surveying equipment fromEquipment Hunter (formerly…

  • Excel For Land Surveyors Excel For Land Surveyors

    652 EXCELlant Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Jan 19

    Excel for Land Surveyors is a Hub for sharing helpful spreadsheet tools and applications to be used in the surveying field.

    If you are new to the Excel Support for Land Surveyors Group, please start…

  • Formulas That Work Formulas That Work

    108 Land Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Apr 2, 2022

    Formulas That Work is a Hub for Land surveyor support for sharing common or not so common calculation shortcuts and formulas for survey data calculations. Share your Surveyor Math Formulas and Computational Tricks Here

  • Geodetic / Global Positioning Systems Geodetic / Global Positioning Systems

    95 GPS Pros

    Latest Activity: Jul 26, 2020

    GPS PROS Group Forum is for any member of LSU that is a professional land surveyor using primarily GPS in the field. Geodetic / Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Get help and offer support with survey grade GPS!

  • Global GIS Global GIS

    12 Global GIS Followers

    Latest Activity: Jun 5, 2019

    GLOBAL GIS was established in Jan. 2014 as the first-ever survey equipment trading company owned by skilled/professional surveyors graduated from Faculty of Geomatics,…

  • Global Latitudes Global Latitudes

    3 Members

    Latest Activity: Jun 15, 2019

    Global BPM Solution has release an improved verion of Global Latitudes 3.0.  It  is a Gospatial /Land Survey System that makes uses the Intellect…

  • Global Surveyors Global Surveyors

    4 Members

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    Promoting surveyors and the spatial sciences worldwide. Another website created in 2006 serving surveyors worldwide. We aim to promote surveyors through news and information and would love to help you.

  • H P 41 C, CV,CX +RPN Group H P 41 C, CV,CX +RPN Group

    4 Members

    Latest Activity: Dec 5, 2021

     The purpose of this Group is for members

    who have use these 3 calculators.  Also for Emulators, and what these calculators still offer for today. Also to collect programs and discuss operations of these calculators. And to help…

  • Hemisphere GPS Support Hemisphere GPS Support

    5 Members

    Latest Activity: Sep 6, 2019

    HemisphereGPS Support Hub and Forum  is a place where Land Surveyors United members can offer social support related to…

  • Hydrographic Surveyors Hydrographic Surveyors

    21 Hydrographic Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    Hydrographic Surveyors Hub &  Forum is for discussing hydrographic surveying anywhere on Earth.  Share…

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