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Orientation Blunder

Dear Surveyors,

I found that i have made mistake in orienting the total station when i opened it in cad.

the mistake is that i have taken the occupied station as back side and back side as occupied station.

How can i correct this in cad drawing?


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  • Not a Surveyor

    Easy way in cad would to just draw a line between your two points. Select all points and the line in the drawing and rotate everything 180 from the midpoint in the line. The elevation part can be done lots of ways. Just leave it if it is assumed and recalculate the backsite elevation problem solved. Or adjust everything to the correct shot benchmark or control point elevation you need.

  • Land Surveyor

    I have replied "dosent work like that" to all other replies about rotating or alining your drawing because it is incorrect. When you have done the error you mentioned there is also error in elevation of your surveyed points. 

    If you want to adjust in Cad by rotating first plot the wrong points in a separate cad and also plot the Stations. and move the wrong points with a base point of your backsight point to your station point and now rotate the points with base point of your station point to the pack sight point. And now export the coordinates and change the elevation of the points to the difference of your station point and backsight point.

    If this is unclear to you there is another method also.

    Check if your Total Station can export the raw observation data (bearing and distance)

    if so now you can recalculate the coordinates using correct station coordinates. 

    If your total station dosen't export raw you can manually calculate the bearing and distances and do the recalculation.

  • Land Surveyor
    Great answers and there are a few ways of fixing the problem. The main thing is to check yourself that what you have done to correct the data actually makes sense and all your data is correct horizontal and vertical. If you can edit the raw data & re-export the point file then that’s great. But your original question was how to fix it in CAD, and again there are different options. My data collector software has a transformation option so that is another way. Thanks
    • Land Surveyor

      The best way is always use a check sight and carefully check your backsight data after observation so even if you occasionally do errors like "inputting station data in backsight and backsight data in station" - "this error is found due to elevation difference in backsight data except if the stations and bacsight points have almost same elv. or input  easting vales in northing and vise versa.

  • Land Surveyor

    I agree you should just look for the incorrect backsight or occupying point and make the edit either in the raw file or in the program that you're using

  • Land Surveyor
    Yeah I think you need to rotate by 180
  • Land Surveyor

    View the raw data file to determine what points were created from the wrong occupation point. Move the points by numbers using the BS as a base point to the correct occupy point, then rotate the same point list 180 degrees. Afterward, translate the elevation datum of the same set of points ONLY by the difference in the OC vs BS points. when you are satisfied that everything is in the right place, do a check points to update the project. Be sure to export the corrected points back to the data collector in case you need to use them again in the field.

  • Land Surveyor
    You’ll also need to bind the xref drawing when you are done.
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