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Our group has been taking DiffGPS readings with Ashteck Promark3 DiffGPS equipment for about 9 years with very few problems. However, shortly after April 6 2019 - the date of the Week Number Roll Over - the data our units collected would no longer  process in the GNSS software.  I could load the rover data files and they would load but if I included the base station data the program would choke during the file loading stage.  I could also load the base station data and correct it using the reference station 78 km away but once again it would choke if I loaded the rover data at the same time.  I have updated the firmware on all the units and also the GNSS software to version 3.10.07 but no luck.  Rinex converter was suggested as something to try but it doesn't recognize the Promark data.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Wojtek Jakubowski

Impact Silver Corp, Mexico 

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    After a couple of weeks of internet searching and tech support enquiries a solution has been found.  With great help from Cansel tech support in Canada, Spectra Prec tech support was accessed and admitted that Spectra Precision Survey Office did not support Rinex converted files from the Promark3 units.  SP tech suggested using GNSS version 3.80.8 and loading the Promark3 base station raw data into GNSS, defining it as the control point and only then importing the rover data.  The sequence is critical as loading both the base station and rover data at the same time resulted in the import process freezing the computer as did importing the base station data without selecting it as the control point.     The post processing works if the import sequence is done in the order mentioned above.

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