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  • Arcade Arcade

    4 Members

    Latest Activity: Oct 20, 2020

    Welcome to the Smarcade for Surveyors.  In this hub you can play arcade games also found inside the arcade for the  Smarketplace Virtual Mall.

  • Big Data & Blockchain Big Data & Blockchain

    6 Members

    Latest Activity: Apr 5, 2016

    Big Data Hub for Land Surveyors was created for discussing and sharing land surveying related resources for collecting and sharing big data and for showcasing your infographics, charts and tables created using Big Data resources.

    What is…

  • Introduction to Land Surveying Introduction to Land Surveying

    2 Members

    Latest Activity: Feb 20, 2019



  • Invertboot Invertboot

    20 Invertboot Users

    Latest Activity: Jun 3, 2019

    Don’t let your rod get crooked.

    The InvertBoot solves the age-old surveyor’s issue of recording the invert…

  • JBirds Web Services for Surveyors JBirds Web Services for Surveyors

    10 Members

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    This group is for land surveyors who need to improve their web presence and need help with getting their websites and social profiles more traffic and more phone calls

  • Mentors in Land Surveying Mentors in Land Surveying

    1415 Surveying Mentors and Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Nov 7, 2023


    Help Bridge the Learning Gap in Land Surveying

    It takes a long time to develop a well rounded professional.  


  • SmartGIS SmartGIS

    48 GIS Users

    Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2019

    GIS Support Group Forum is for Land Surveyors United members who work in GIS or specialize in Geographic Information Systems.  Share knowledge, resources and tips related to GIS in this group.

  • Survey Equipment Repair Survey Equipment Repair

    47 Members

    Latest Activity: Aug 10, 2020

    Survey Equipment Repair Hub is a place to discuss problems with your surveying equipment which may require professional repair.  Posting a discussion in this hub will alert a certified technician who is authorized to make such repairs. …

  • Survey Technician Training Program Survey Technician Training Program

    1 Member

    Latest Activity: Apr 8, 2019

    Follow this new Land Surveyor Training Initiative! Please share and like the page to help us get Industry Driven Approach to Workforce Development Training workshops for Land Surveyors off the ground!

  • Surveying Culture Surveying Culture

    3 Surveyors

    Latest Activity: Nov 15, 2023

    Surveying Culture is an experimental community showcasing the ways that surveyors represent the industry based on their locations.…

    Send Feedback Work in Progress

  • Surveying Students Surveying Students

    11 Students

    Latest Activity: Feb 6, 2019

    Student surveyors, surveying in schools and student surveyor support on Land Surveyors United. Join this group to share resources and tips for students of land surveying.

    Things You Can Do in Student Surveyors…

  • Surveyor Marketplace Surveyor Marketplace

    347 Members

    Latest Activity: Nov 13, 2019

    Gift Shop for Land Surveyors Under Construction.  If you would like to add your gifts to this Gift Shop leave a comment or send us a…

  • Surveyors Connect Surveyors Connect

    37 Members

    Latest Activity: Nov 29, 2019

    Surveyors Connect is a surveying support forum group for discussing the activity of using social media to promote land surveying in schools and developing programs for surveying education.

  • Topcon Support Group Topcon Support Group

    154 Topcon Users

    Latest Activity: Nov 10, 2022

    Topcon Positioning Support Hub  is a dedicated place for Land Surveyors United  members who use Topcon Instruments in the field to share experiences and support one another with troubleshooting issues. This group is…

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Location Based Chapter Hubs for Land SurveyorsLocation Based Chapter Hubs can be found within the tabs in this module.  First, find and select your region, then find the hub for your location and go there.  Next, look for the Follow button and press it.  You can now use the app to track discussions locally and share local stories, surveying experience, etc.  After you follow your Location's Hub, start discussions in the forum, share photos from the field and meet other surveyors in the area.  Use the mobile apps from the Surveyor App Suite to have quick access to your hubs from anywhere!

Note- most all countries and states already have a hub.  Let us know if you do not find your location and we'll add it for you!. 

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Hubs and Forums for Land Surveying TopicsHubs (formerly Group Forums in the old site) have been added by members over the years on practically every Land Surveying Topic imaginable.  If you are looking for specific advice, simply ask your question inside the appropriate hub forum.  Every hub has followers who are interested in the topic.   You'll have greater success asking for targeted feedback by asking to the right audience.  

Members can also use various mobile apps inside the Surveyor App Suite to ask questions, share photos and videos and interact with Hubs from the field.Also check out our growing collection of Surveyor Crew Apps.

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Land Surveyor Support HubsHubs inside this module are for Land Surveyors who need help and support in some way.  If you are looking for Equipment Support, help finding employment in surveying, need help with your website or any other type of support a surveyor might need, you'll find helpful communities inside this set of hubs.

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