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Many years ago I worked in the field with a 75 year old surveyor (I was in my mid 30's at the time).

The first couple of boundary surveys we went on we would "prance" on ahead doing reconnaissance to find old monuments  and brag to ourselves that the old timer had lost his "prance"....HOWEVER...after he kept finding monuments we had walked past we started believing he knew something we didn't, and questioned him about it. "Well", he said, You prance and I shuffle, that is why I keep tripping over them".  His self-deprecating humor  hid a world of experience, which he was happy to pass on to us, and there are a couple of surveyors  (myself included) who feel indebted to him for passing his knowledge along and for his enthusiasm for the profession.

David C. Garcelon

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  • That is wonderful sentiment. I was always taught to do it a little differently. We always went back to the site a second time after we had time to analyze the initial data gathered. Then we would go back and look exactly in the spots where controlling monuments might be found. It is surprising what you find the second time regardless of how carefully you looked the first time.
  • Perhaps we should start a group called "The Old Wise Guys"

    • Party Chief

      We have a group in the new site which we have been debating whether to call it Generation Gap or Mentors and Minions...  what do you think?

      Can't wait for new LSU to get ready..almost there...

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